Brohman Custom Designs: Summer Company Success Story

Founded by architecture student Brette Brohman, Brohman Custom Designs specializes in building custom closets, mudrooms and built-ins and is located in Goderich, Ontario.

The concept for the business emerged from two needs.

The first was a need in the local market for affordable, sustainable, and completely customizable storage spaces that make life easier for homeowners. As many people know, it can be quite challenging to design storage spaces to meet the unique needs and functions of a family. But with Brohman Custom Designs, Brette and her team take care of every step of the process.

From the very first consultation, to deeply listening to understand how the space will function optimally, to designs, drawings, material selection and installation, Brohman Custom Designs ensures that clients love their new spaces. When there is a space and home for everything, life becomes calmer, more organized, and peaceful and this is what Brohman Custom Designs helps their clients achieve.

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The business also originated from a desire that Brette had for increased experiential learning while studying architecture at Carleton University. Despite loving the program and theory involved, Brette also had the ambition to broaden her scope of learning and gain valuable hands-on experience.

As a woman in a typically male-dominated industry, Brette wanted to gain practical experience and expand her entrepreneurial skills. One of the biggest accomplishments that she is celebrating is that she is returning to school this fall with an entire toolbelt of new skills since opening her business in the spring.  And being a part of the Summer Company Program through Huron County Economic Development was the perfect opportunity to gain this valuable experience.

“I really enjoyed the Summer Company program, it’s a very safe space to approach all of the ideas I had about running a business,” said Brette. “I wouldn’t have had this kind of experience anywhere else – it’s an experience that is 100% worth the time and effort. The people running the program have done a fantastic job of facilitating the opportunity and helping me feel supported and equipped with the resources I need,” remarked Brette.

Brette explained that the biggest skill she gained from the Summer Company program is an increased sense of confidence. “I learned how to confidently explain what my business does, different ways I could market my business, what my core values are and how I can represent them.”

Brette says that the entire experience has helped her gain confidence in critical areas of entrepreneurship that will complement what she is learning at university and help her in the future job market.

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“The program was a very safe environment to experiment, ask questions and build resilience. At the beginning of the summer, I was struggling to foster solid client relationships and had a hard time communicating. But through the training and coaching, I’ve had an opportunity to understand the market, create accurate estimates and practice talking to clients with confidence. I had the space to learn more about the industry,” said Brette.

Brette’s advice to anyone considering the Summer Company program is that “it’s 100% worth it. If you’re going to do it, do it wholeheartedly. I found it really fulfilling and fantastic.”

As Brette heads back to university in Ottawa this fall, she hopes to continue to run the business in the future and will be taking on a limited number of projects during her studies. To connect with Brette or learn more about Brohman Custom Designs, visit Brohman Custom Designs on Facebook.

Do you know a young person interested in starting their own business next summer? Click here for more information from Huron County Economic Development’s Summer Company program, funded in part by the Province of Ontario.

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