Donation Policy


The purpose of this policy is to effectively manage all donations to the Huron County Library.


Donations may take the form of financial sponsorship of projects, bequests, memorial or other monetary donations. Donations may also include tangible items such as equipment, furniture, books and art.


1. The Huron County Library Board recognizes that, from time to time and for special projects, donations may be solicited from sources outside the major funding bodies for the Library. In other cases, organizations or individuals may offer to make donations to the Library.

1.1 The Library welcomes and encourages donations from individuals, groups, foundations and corporations for the purpose of enhancing the library services.

1.2 Donations shall comply with the goals and objectives of the Huron County Library Board. The Board recognizes that opportunities may arise to explore new areas of interest, but its resources must also be focused on identified priorities.

1.3 Library administration will review all proposed donations (financial and tangible items) and accept those which fit into its vision, mission and strategic directions.

1.4 All donations become the exclusive property of the Library and must be of clear and unencumbered nature.

1.5 The Library reserves the right to use donations in the best interest of the Library and maintains complete jurisdiction over the disposition and/or eventual disposal of all donations.

1.6 Recognition of financial donations will be made through a letter from the County Librarian or designate, and a receipt for income tax purposes, when the donation is greater than $20.00 and as appropriate. Donations which equal the value of an item may also be recognized with a plaque or book plate, if the donor so wishes.

1.7 When unsolicited items are donated to the Library they may be accepted with the understanding that they will be used or disposed of as the Library sees fit. The Library reserves the right to refuse unsuitable, unsolicited donations.

1.8 The Library will encourage financial donations through passive methods such as brochures and public awareness.

2. The Library Board may approve projects which:

2.1 have a value greater than $5,000, or;

2.2 have a scope outside the regular operations of the Library.

3. The County Librarian may approve projects which:

3.1 have a value of $5,000 or less, and;

3.2 fall within the scope of the regular operations of the Library.

Replacement Statement

This policy replaces all previous versions and comes into effect on the date approved.


Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chap. P 44

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Approved Janaury 15, 2020; replaces the Fundraising Policy, 2016