Additional Benefits

The Ontario Works Program provides income and employment assistance for people who are in temporary financial need. The amount of money that someone receives from Ontario Works varies depending upon housing costs and family size. In addition to the monthly income assistance, clients may be eligible for drug and dental coverage, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and community and employment start-up benefits as follow:

Drug Coverage

A drug card is provided each month while you are receiving income support.

Dental and Vision Care for Children

All children of parents who are in receipt of social assistance are eligible for basic dental and vision care.

Diabetic and Surgical Supplies

The cost of diabetic supplies such as blood glucose monitors, lancet, syringes and test strips, as well as various surgical supplies and dressings can be covered.

Medical Transportation

Costs associated with travelling to attend medical appointments can also be covered.

Special Diet

Where there is a special need, costs related to a special diet (as prescribed by an approved health professional) can be covered.

Pregnancy Nutritional Item

A monthly allowance is issued for the term of pregnancy to meet nutritional needs and assist in the healthy prenatal development of the baby.

To find out if you are eligible or if you wish to request any of these additional benefits, please speak to your case manager. In most instances, items only need to be requested over the phone, however, on occasion you may need to provide written confirmation of the need.


Mandatory Special Necessities (MSN) Benefit Request. (PDF) County of Huron: Ontario Works, 2011. For Ontario Works recipients in need of medical transportation or medical supplies.

Medical Travel Mileage Form. (PDF) County of Huron: Ontario Works, 2012. For Ontario Works recipients incurring travel costs to attend medical appointments.