How to Appeal

How to appeal a decision that you disagree with:

  • All decisions made to refuse, cancel, suspend or reduce assistance are issued to the participant in writing advising the participant of the option to have the decision reviewed.
  • A request for an internal review must be submitted in writing with 30 days of receiving the notification of the decision.
  • The internal review must be completed by an Ontario Works staff in writing within 10 days of receiving the request and the participant advised of the outcome in writing.
  • The participant may appeal the internal review decision by submitting an appeal form to the Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) within 30 days of the decision.

At the Social Benefits Tribunal, both parties present their evidence and the SBT decision is issued in writing within 60 days of the hearing.

Downloads & Links

Request for Internal Review: application. Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, 2009. If you disagree with a decision about your eligibility, the first step is to use this form and request an Internal Review.

Social Benefits Tribunal Appeal Form. Ontario Social Benefits Tribunal. For use if you want to appeal a decision regarding eligibility or amount of social assistance receiving.