Employment Benefits

Earnings Exemptions

If you have been in receipt of Ontario Works for three months or more, finding employment greatly increases your monthly income. A 50% exemption rate will apply to all earnings from employment. This means that if you earn $500, only 50% of the net income, will be deducted from your Ontario Works entitlement.

The Full Time Employment Benefit

If you obtain full time employment (30 hours plus per week) you may be entitled to this benefit. The maximum benefit available is $500 and can be used for expenses related to starting full time employment such as transportation, work clothing/uniforms or safety equipment.

The Other Employment and Employment Activities Assistance Benefit

You may receive additional money when you start a new part time job (less than 30 hours per week) and/or employment assistance activity to help with expenses you may be facing such as transportation, work clothing/uniforms or safety equipment.

Employment Supports

Additional money may be available to cover expenses that you may be facing in your job search or while participating in employment activities.

Community Start Up and Maintenance Fund

If you have secured full time employment that requires you to relocate in order to accept or maintain the job, there may be some assistance available to offset your moving costs. The maximum benefit available is $799 for a single/couple and $1500 for a family in a 24 month period.

Extended Employment Health Benefits

If your income exceeds the Ontario Works rate and you no longer qualify for assistance, you may be entitled to Extended Employment Health Benefits. Anyone who exits OW due to employment may be provided health benefits for a transitional period of up to six months or until the employer offers health benefits, whichever comes first.

Child Care Assistance

Financial assistance is available to help cover the cost of Home Child Care, Child Care Subsidy or municipal recreational program while eligible parents/guardians are involved in employment, job searching, education or training.

How do you request these benefits?

Please speak to your worker. In most instances, items only need to be requested over the phone, however, on occasion you may need to provide written confirmation of the need.


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