The County of Huron thanks Huron’s first responders and essential workers for their above and beyond efforts during the recent storm.

December 29, 2022

Huron County, Ontario – The County of Huron would like to thank all of Huron’s many first responders, essential workers, and volunteers for the exceptional effort put forth in response to the storm that affected our region over the holiday weekend.

“I cannot thank our essential workers enough.” Said Huron County Warden Glen McNeil. “These dedicated professionals worked tirelessly throughout the storm to ensure that our roads were cleared, emergency services remained available, and our vulnerable citizens were cared for.  Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do.”

Public Works

Thank you to the County of Huron Public Works department who worked tirelessly throughout the duration of the storm to ensure that roads were clear and emergency services remained available.

Emergency Services

Thank you to all Huron County Paramedics who continued to provide emergency coverage to the residents of Huron County throughout the storm.

Homes for the Aged

Thank you to the staff at Huronview and Huronlea Homes for the Aged, many of whom worked extended hours to ensure that residents were well cared for.

Out of the Cold Emergency Shelter

Thank you to all the staff at Choices for Change for significantly extending shelter hours to ensure the continued safety of our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

First Responders

The County of Huron would also like to thank all of Huron’s many first responders, including Huron’s local fire departments, medical professionals, and OPP officers for their hard work and quick response in a crisis.

Volunteers and Families of Essential Workers

Thank you to the entire community of volunteers, friends, and family who pitched in to remove snow, check on neighbours, or support essential workers in a variety of different ways over the holiday weekend.

“The type of dedication and fast action required to address a storm of this significance is commendable on any day,” continued McNeil “But this was not just any day. The contributions made over the Christmas weekend meant that many individuals had to sacrifice precious time spent with family and loved ones. Thank you again to everyone involved for your above and beyond effort.”

The County of Huron wishes everyone in Huron a safe holiday and happy New Year.



For more information contact:

Glen McNeil,
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)