The County of Huron is working to expand youth engagement opportunities.

May 25, 2022

Huron County, Ontario – The County of Huron is reviewing, expanding, and developing new youth engagement opportunities. This includes providing youth with professional development opportunities directly with the County. These internship programs and work placements are of great benefit to Huron’s youth. They help to ensure that the youth of today have access to the kinds of experiences they need to find fulfilling careers in the future.

The County of Huron is working to develop a youth engagement inventory and strategy. This strategy is being drafted, in part, by youth who are currently participating in an internship program with the County. It will highlight further engagement opportunities and potential future actions by the County.

“Co-op placements are essential when it comes to gaining valuable experience, and engaging with youth. This placement has afforded me the chance to reevaluate my future career, and find something I truly enjoy doing.” Said Maddy Gilbert, a GDCI Highschool Co-Op student. Ms. Gilbert recently drafted a report on youth experiences and opportunities on behalf of the County.

Some of the current youth engagement opportunities available at the County of Huron include:

  • High School Volunteer Credit. There are many creative ways students can complete their required community service hours at the County including:
    • Event participation at the Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol,
    • Book reviewer at the Huron County Library,
    • Senior engagement at Huronview and Huronlea Homes for the Aged,
    • And many more!

Students interested in volunteering with the County of Huron can contact the department head directly.

  • Highschool Co-Op Placements. These unpaid positions offer local high school students, who are currently registered in a cop-op program at their school, an opportunity to work in their desired field and gain real-world experience.  Co-op placements may be arranged by contacting the department head directly.
  • Summer Employment. The County of Huron offers a variety of paid positions for students aged 15-30, who are returning to school in the fall.  These positions are offered in partnership with Young Canada Works and Canada Summer Jobs.  Students interested in these positions should visit the funding website for eligibility requirements and apply for available positions through
  • The Summer Company. Students between the ages of 15 and 29, who are returning to school in the fall, can receive up to $3000 as well as the mentorship required to start their own business and become entrepreneurs through the Summer Company The deadline for applications to this year’s program is May 31, 2022.
  • University Internships. Students who take part in an internship program at the County of Huron will be offered meaningful assignments that include active participation. By working with staff and leadership, Huron County interns apply their classroom learnings to actual municipal projects that provide unique solutions for Huron’s vibrant community.  These positions may be paid or unpaid.  Internship opportunities are available in every department.  Students interested in an internship with the County of Huron can contact the department head directly.

“It’s through this type of direct engagement with youth that we’re able to learn what the next generation needs and expects from their employer as well as their municipal government,” said Huron County Warden, Glen McNeil. “This is essential if we wish to remain a modern and innovative county!”

Read the Report on Youth Experiences and Opportunities, drafted by high school Co-Op student Maddy Gilbert: ttps://

Learn more about employment opportunities the County of Huron at



For more information contact:

Glen McNeil,
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)