Tanning Beds Banned for Youth

May 13, 2014

Huron County, ON – The Huron County Health Unit is pleased with the new law that bans young people from using tanning beds.

Starting May 1, people under 18 years old will no longer be allowed to use tanning beds in Ontario.

The health unit has supported a provincial movement to protect young people, who are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, from skin cancer.

The new law requires tanning bed operators to post signs in their business about this restriction and that warn of the dangers associated with tanning bed use. Operators will be required to ask for proof of age identification and will not be allowed to promote tanning services to youth under 18.

Public Health Inspector Roxana Nassiri says the new law is an important step in preventing skin cancer. “I’m very glad this has passed before prom season, when so many young people go to tanning salons. This is a good first step in helping people realize that a tan is actually unhealthy.”

The incidence of melanoma in Ontario has been rising in youth and young adults. The World Health Organization reports that the risk of skin cancer, particularly melanoma, increases by 75 per cent when tanning beds are used prior to the age of 35.


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Our spokesperson is: Roxana Nassiri, Public Health Inspector



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