Notice Update: Ontario Works Cheques to Be Mailed

July 26, 2016

The County of Huron Social Services – Ontario Works wishes to announce effective today all mail to clients and vendors will be mailed, as per standard practice and until further notice.

Given that contract negotiations between Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and Canada Post are ongoing, all correspondence from this office including month-end-cheques will be mailed. We will continue to monitor the status of Canada Post/CUPW and provide additional updates as required.

It is recommended that recipients of Ontario Works who receive their assistance by cheque consider Direct Bank Deposit. Direct Bank Deposit forms are available at the bottom of this page or through your case manager. Completed Direct Deposit forms can be returned in person, by fax (519-482-1632) or mailed.

Please ensure you visit this website or call the office at 519-482-8505 or 1-888-371-5178 for further updates.





For more information contact:

Social and Property Services, Ontario Works
519.482.8505 (ext 4200)