New Active Transportation Videos Feature Huron County

January 12, 2015

Huron County, ON – Huron County locations and residents are showcased in a new active transportation video series from the Huron County Health Unit.

Active transportation is any method of going from one place to another using your own body. This includes walking, cycling, kayaking, or cross-country skiing.

The “What’s Your Here to There?” video series features Huron County residents showing how they use active transportation.

“The purpose of these videos is to raise awareness of what active transportation is and where it can be done in Huron County,” says Laura Dekroon, Public Health Promoter. “We also want to get residents excited about active transportation opportunities in their communities.”

Places and people in the videos include an outdoor sports camp in Walton, Bayfield trails, a Seaforth farm, a Goderich school and a bicycle club in Wingham.

The videos can be found online at Residents can also see them by tuning into local broadcasters Eastlink and Hurontel’s Channel One.

The Huron County Active Transportation Report: A Call to Action, released in 2014, looks at ways to support active transportation in Huron County. It includes recommendations for the County, lower-tier municipalities, local groups, individuals, and businesses. Part of this report calls for more awareness of active transportation. These videos are an excellent starting point to see how active transportation is being used in Huron County.


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Our media contact is: Rita Marshall, Communications Coordinator, Huron County Health Unit, 519.482.3416 or toll-free 1.877.837.6143 ext. 2023 or

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