International No Diet Day: You are more than a number

April 26, 2019

May 6 is International No Diet Day. The Huron County Health Unit reminds residents that weight loss diets can be harmful and don’t always promote good health.

“Weight isn’t a good predictor of overall health” says Amy MacDonald, Public Health Dietitian. “Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Instead of trying to change our size, let’s appreciate our uniqueness and diversity. Let’s focus on caring for the bodies we have today.”

MacDonald encourages residents to change the way they think about food, diets and weight. “When we let go of the focus on the scale, and focus instead on fuelling and moving our bodies in ways that feel good, we can improve our body image, physical health and mental health,” she says.

In honour of International No Diet Day, MacDonald encourages everyone to ditch their scales. “You are more than a number. Scales are just a tool to measure weight; they don’t define who you are or your personal worth.”

Instead, focus on what you love about yourself, and the positive things you can do to improve your social, emotional, and mental well-being.

For more information on International No Diet Day, visit the National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC) at


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