Huron & Perth Counties Investigate Merging Emergency Services

March 20, 2015

Huron County, ON ― Huron and Perth counties are investigating the possibility of merging their emergency services departments, which include EMS and Emergency Management. The Councils of Huron and Perth counties have directed senior administrators to develop a business case exploring efficiencies that could be created by operating an amalgamated Emergency Services Department.

“Delivering effective public services as efficiently as possible is what our rate payers expect from us,” said Brenda Orchard, CAO of Huron County. “A business case analysis will reveal if operating a unified department is in the best interests of both counties.”

A working group comprised of senior administrators and councillors from Perth and Huron will be established to develop a business case for presentation to both county councils for consideration. Items for analysis will include sharing technology and operating systems, governance, response times, economics of scale in managing a combined vehicle fleet as well as the administrative and reporting requirements of a single department.

“Perth County has a proven record of providing outstanding emergency services to our citizens,” said Bill Arthur, CAO of Perth County. “We are committed to maintaining our levels of service to the County, Stratford and St Marys. County Council have said that we owe it to our taxpayers to fully investigate this potential merger. We look forward to working with Huron County to achieve the best and most efficient service for both counties.”

County emergency services departments deliver emergency medical care and transportation by paramedics according to the provincial Ambulance Act, as well as community emergency management coordination, public safety and administrative programs.


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Susan Cronin, County Clerk
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