Huron County Paramedics, thank you.

December 21, 2020

Huron County, Ontario – The County of Huron would like to recognize and thank the Huron County Paramedics team for their exemplary service throughout the 2020 year. The County’s Paramedics have been silent heroes, working hard behind the scenes to keep Huron County safe and healthy.

“Our Huron County paramedics are highly skilled and compassionate professionals providing emergency medical treatment and transportation to sick and injured people, all while acting calmly in high stress situations,” says Warden Glen McNeil.

This year, Huron County Emergency Services went above and beyond by establishing a specialized Community Paramedicine Team that provides additional COVID-19 care support for the community. This is a dedicated team of five paramedics who received additional training, including palliative care education. Initially formed in April of this year and then re-launched in November, this team has been working on the frontline of the County’s pandemic response, providing numerous services to Huron residents.  The Community Paramedicine Team works in 12-hour shifts, from 7:00AM to 7:00PM, seven days a week.

Services the Community Paramedicine Team has provided include:

  • Providing over 300 influenza vaccinations to targeted groups, including local seniors, County apartment tenants, Huron OPP, local healthcare workers, and some of Huron’s most vulnerable community members;
  • Working with the Out of the Cold: Heart to Home emergency shelter by offering influenza vaccines, and weekly wellness clinics for diabetes screening, heart disease and hypertension;
  • Providing community COVID-19 swabbing for pre-admission to local Hospices;
  • Helping Huron Perth Public Health and swabbing for suspected cases of COVID-19;
  • Supporting local palliative care services in Huron by working with the Palliative Care Outreach Team;
  • Collaborating with One Care and offering “bundled care” to individuals discharged from certain hospital sites; and
  • Making sure necessary follow-up phone calls and assessments are completed after 911 calls.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the County’s Community Paramedicine Team continues to look for opportunities to support in-home care when possible so to help ensure relief for local hospital emergency rooms.

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to Huron’s Community Paramedicine Team,” adds Warden Glen McNeil. “We couldn’t have responded to the hurdles this year has brought us without you.”

The County of Huron and its Emergency Services department remains committed to providing necessary and essential community services to Huron residents.

The County thanks the paramedic team, and all frontline heroes, for the work they’re doing to prevent and slow the spread COVID-19 in Huron County.

The County of Huron asks the community to continue respecting all public health guidelines, including performing hand hygiene, practicing physical distancing, wearing masks and staying home if ill. Stay informed on the COVID-19 situation in Huron County by visiting the Huron-Perth Public Health website.


Community Paramedicine Team photo (from left to right):

Huron County Paramedics Jasmine Thompson, Miranda Griedanus, Andrew Newman, Denise Richard, and Sam Barlow.


For more information contact:

Glen McNeil, Warden
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)