Huron County Heroes Recognized for Saving Lives

November 17, 2016

Several first responders from the region were recognized for their life-saving skills by County Council during a special ceremony on Wednesday, November 16th. Read their incredible stories below.

August 27th, 2016

On Saturday, August 27th a couple from Niagara Falls, Ontario were visiting the Zurich Bean Festival for the annual car show. They arrived early with other family members and decided to go to the arena for the Zurich Minor Athletic Association breakfast.

Upon entering the ice surface, Mrs. Barkley collapsed after having a sudden cardiac arrest. Zurich Firefighters Marty Merner, Doug Findlay and retired paramedic Brian Steckle came to Mrs. Barkley’s aid. They quickly did an assessment and found her to be without vital signs, at which point CPR was initiated. These first responders called 911 and used the Public Access Defibrillator from the Zurich arena to administer a shock. Upon calling 911, Ambulance Communication Officer (ACO) call-taker Kellie Lawson and ACO Alicia Dodds assisted the responders on scene with instructions for Mrs. Barkley’s care and dispatched an ambulance.

Huron County Paramedic Services crew Mitchel Homuth and Marion Taylor were at the Zurich station and subsequently arrived to the scene within 3 minutes of being contacted. Upon arrival they found Mrs. Barkley to be unconscious but with a pulse. After completing their assessments and stabilizing Mrs. Barkley, the crew transported her to South Huron Hospital with District Chief Erb attending as Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Homuth felt there was a possibility of re-arrest. To their amazement, upon arrival at South Huron Hospital, Mrs. Barkley was conscious and able to answer simple questions. After being stabilized further at South Huron Hospital the crew transported Mrs. Barkley to London for further treatment.

In their dress uniforms, the group receives acknowledgement while standing in front of the dais in Council Chambers.

(L to R) ACO Kellie Lawson, ACO Alicia Dodds, Paramedic Marion Taylor, Fire District Chief David Erb, Firefighter Doug Findlay, Firefighter Marty Merner, Retired Paramedic Brian Steckle, Sandra Barkley, Past Warden Steffler, CAO Brenda Orchard, Chief Emergency Service Jeff Horseman, Director of Operations Steven Lund

August 31st, 2016

On Wednesday, August 31st the London Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC) received a 911 call regarding an individual in medical distress in the Town of Goderich. ACO Virginia Davis took the call from Mrs. Pollard and assisted her over the phone to provide first aid to her husband, who was suffering chest pain. At the same time, ACO Sheri Berndt dispatched an ambulance from the Huron County Paramedic Services’ Goderich station. Mr. Pollard’s condition worsened and ACO Davis listened to Mr. Pollard’s breathing over the phone and attempted to have Mrs. Pollard get her husband to the floor to start CPR as she recognized he was having agonal respirations. Mrs. Pollard was unable to do this as she could not lift her husband.

Huron County Paramedic Services PCP crew Heather Malley and Gary Renaud were dispatched to the residence and upon arrival assessed Mr. Pollard and found that he had now suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. PCP Malley and PCP Renaud initiated their medical directive for sudden cardiac arrest. CPR was started by PCP Renaud while PCP Malley attached the cardiac monitor. PCP Malley was then able to shock Mr. Pollard. After a reassessment his pulse had returned. As Mr. Pollard was being packaged for transport he experienced another cardiac arrest. A subsequent shock was administered by PCP Malley. After 2 minutes of CPR, Mr. Pollard was reassessed and a strong carotid pulse was found. PCPs David Wagner and David Ludwig arrived to assist in removing him from his house where he became semi-conscious.

The crew then transported Mr. Pollard to Alexandra Marine and General Hospital where he was stabilized before being moved to St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener for further treatment.

In their dress uniforms, the group receives acknowledgement while standing in front of the dais in Council Chambers.

(L to R) Paramedic David Wagner, ACO Virginia Davis, ACO Sheri Berndt, Paramedic Gary Renaud, Paramedic Heather Malley, Allan Pollard, Past Warden Steffler, CAO Brenda Orchard, Chief Emergency Services Jeff Horseman, Director of Operations Steven Lund


For more information contact:

Susan Cronin, County Clerk
519.524.8394 (ext 3257)