Huron and Perth counties report on EMS merger analysis

November 18, 2015

Amalgamation of two departments is not recommend by working group

The working group responsible for developing a business plan to amalgamate the Huron and Perth Emergency Medical Services (EMS) presented their findings today to the Huron County Committee of the Whole. The report concludes that Huron County EMS and Perth County EMS Service Review merging the two departments is not in the best interests of taxpayers.

“We looked carefully at a merger from all angles and at this time there is no compelling justification to amalgamate given the anticipated increased cost to the taxpayer,” said Brenda Orchard, CAO of Huron County. “I am satisfied with our analysis and our recommendation to council is that no further action be taken on the proposal at this time.”

The working group, consisting of senior administrative staff and wardens from both counties, has been meeting since April to examine the costs and benefits of operating a unified EMS department. The report cites several reasons against merging including high transition costs associated with severances and staffing changes, as well as increased operating costs due to fundamental differences in the way the two counties do business.

“Even though our analysis didn’t show a net benefit to merging, it was a worthwhile exercise,” said Linda Rockwood, Chief of Perth County EMS and Acting CAO. “We identified several opportunities for partnerships and sharing of services that will achieve efficiencies and cost savings for both departments.”

The working group report will also be presented to Perth County Council on November 19, 2015. The full report can be found on the Huron County website (linked below) and on the Perth County website under the Council Agenda tab. EMS departments provide emergency medical and paramedic services, community emergency management coordination, public safety and emergency preparedness programs to all residents of Huron and Perth counties.

Huron County EMS and Perth County EMS Service Review


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