Developing Huron County’s 2015-2020 Economic Development Plan

June 26, 2015

Under the leadership of the Economic Development Board, a new county economic development structure is being proposed that:

  1. focuses on developing specific opportunities and initiatives that lead to investment, jobs and tax revenue;
  2. aligns with the efforts of municipal partners; and
  3. engages a broader group of stakeholders across the county (i.e. business groups, other government partners, etc.).

To create our plan, staff are looking for input from our stakeholders on the following three questions:

  • Are there specific opportunities we should be looking at right now (potential quick wins)?
  • How do we strengthen the relationship between the county and private sector partners? What should we start, stop and maintain?
  • What is the right operating structure for county level economic development efforts?

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Susan Cronin,
519.524.8394 (ext 3257)