Determine Your Cancer Risk With My CANCERIQ

April 11, 2016

In less than 5 minutes, Huron County residents can receive a personalized risk assessment of their chances of developing certain cancers.

April is Daffodil Month which promotes the awareness and prevention of cancer in Ontario. The Huron County Health Unit encourages residents to take a few minutes this April, or any time, to visit

My CancerIQ calculates personalized risk assessments of developing melanoma, breast, cervical, colorectal, kidney or lung cancer through interactive questionnaires.

Based on the results, My CancerIQ helps Huron County residents reduce their risk of specific cancers by also providing an action plan with tips and resources based on their individual risk factors.

“The My CancerIQ assessments are based on the latest scientific evidence about cancer risk factors,” says Angela Willert, Senior Public Health Promoter. “The questions relate to factors or behaviours that research shows are linked to the risk of developing a specific type of cancer.”

Launched in 2015 and updated even further this year, My CancerIQ helps Ontarians learn more, and do more, about their health. Cancer Care Ontario, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, developed the tool.

“Preventing cancer starts with a good understanding of your cancer risk,” says Willert. “That’s what Daffodil Month is all about.”
Since its launch, more than 146,000 cancer risk assessments have been completed at My CancerIQ. Take a few minutes today to complete your own personal cancer risk assessments at


For more information contact:

Rita Marshall, Communications Co-ordinator
519.482.3416 (ext 2023)
Angela Willert, Senior Public Health Promoter