COVID-19 in Huron County remains a high level concern as does the risk of community spread.

April 17, 2020

[Huron County, Ontario]- Huron Perth Public Health COVID-19 testing data has recently been distributed and identified by confirmed cases in Huron County lower tier municipalities. It is asked that members of the public keep in mind that these numbers are low because they reflect the minimal amounts of testing that have been able to take place at a local level. These numbers represent the confirmed positive cases, not the unreported or untested cases.

Low numbers for positive cases hold the potential to be misleading by providing the community with a false sense of safety and security. Please keep in mind that Huron Perth Public Health warns that community transmission is occurring across Huron County, regardless of whether an individual municipality has a confirmed case or not.

“As testing numbers increase, so will the positive cases. It is important to find a balance between informing and reassuring the public”, says Warden Jim Ginn. “Community spread of COVID-19 will cause added pressure on our health care workers and the public needs to maintain the current level of precaution to guard against infection as this virus will become more difficult to contain”.

Up to date information on confirmed cases listed by lower tier municipalities within Huron County can be found on the Huron Perth Public Health – COVID-19 in Huron Perth webpage.

Huron County continues to urge all residents to practice physical distancing and proper hygiene protocols outlined by the Provincial Medical Officer of Health. Stay informed on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Huron County by visiting the Huron-Perth Public Health website.


Our spokesperson is: Jim Ginn, Warden. 519.524.8394 x 3224.


For more information contact:

Jim Ginn, Warden,
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)