COVID-19 – Huron County Cottagers: Safety First

April 1, 2020

[Huron County, Ontario] – The County of Huron is aware that cottagers may feel inclined to socially distance themselves or seek shelter at their Huron County cottages or cabins amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While valued members of the Huron County community, cottagers are encouraged to please consider the impact that these unexpected off-season relocations can have on rural communities.

Under normal circumstances, cottage season does not typically start until the May long weekend. However, these are not normal circumstances. Many rural communities have reduced capacity to accommodate sudden and unexpected changes in supply demands. Local grocery stores may already be experiencing strains in their supply chains, and rural hospitals have more limitations in their resources than what urban centre hospitals may be able to accommodate.

It is recognized that local communities are concerned that any travelling increases the chance for the spread of illness. The County of Huron urges all residents and cottagers to avoid any non-essential travel.

If cottagers do relocate to their seasonal residence or are there already, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association suggests the following:

  • Provision yourself for several weeks before leaving your urban community, so that you will not need to make stops along the way. Should you urgently need anything from a retailer or pharmacy, you should call ahead to see if there are options for safe pickup or delivery;
  • Continue to follow all the principles of physical distancing;
  • Develop an exit plan with immediate family, in case you develop any indications of illness while at your seasonal property;
  • Consider where your health needs can best be met, in an emergency situation.

If you are a snowbird, or otherwise returning from travel abroad, the Government of Canada mandates that you self-isolate or self-quarantine for 14 days. More information for Canadians, travellers and non-travellers alike, is available online at Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Travel advice.

Huron County continues to recommend that everyone practice physical distancing and proper hygiene protocols outlined by the Provincial Medical Officer of Health.

Stay informed on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Huron County by visiting the Huron-Perth Public Health website.


Our spokesperson is: Jim Ginn, Warden. 519.524.8394 x 3224.


For more information contact:

Jim Ginn, Warden,
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)