County of Huron encourages use of Huron County Forests this fall.

September 21, 2022

Huron County, Ontario – To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Huron County Forests and National Forests Week in Canada, residents and visitors are encouraged to make use of the recreational opportunities that Huron’s woodlots provide by hiking any one of the open-to-the-public tracts this fall.

The County of Huron is commemorating its woodlots with the unveiling of a new “It Takes a Forest” billboard at the Stevenson Tract. It Takes a Forest is a campaign run through Forests Ontario that helps provide information on the importance of forests, sustainable forest management, and forest stewardship in Ontario.

View the “It Takes a Forest” billboard:

Installed on September 23
Location: Stevenson Tract
41502 Morris Road, halfway between London Road and the village of Brussels, just east of Clyde Line.

Hike any of these tracts, anytime this fall:

  • Bannockburn Tract: 74739 Bannockburn Line
  • Moreland Tract: 37840 Hawkins Road
  • Rea Memorial Tract: 42817 Walton Road
  • Redmond Tract: 38621 Westfield Road
  • Robertson Tract: 81906 Pinery Line
  • Sheppardton Tract: 82782 Bluewater Highway
  • Stevenson Tract: 41502 Morris Road
  • Stingel Tract: 36775 Glen’s Hill Road
  • Taylor Tract: 45485 Harriston Road

About the Huron County Forests

The 14 forest tracts owned and maintained by the County of Huron total more than 1600 acres of protected forest land.  Nine of these forest tracts are currently open to passive recreational use.

The Huron County Forests are an invaluable resource to our community as they provide health, wellbeing, education, and recreational opportunities to the County’s residents and visitors. The Huron County Forests also provide an opportunity to show leadership in proper woodlot management techniques that promote long-term forest health and ecological benefits.

The Huron County Forests help to:

  • Trap and store greenhouse gases
  • Moderate temperature
  • Provide habitat for species and protect biodiversity
  • Natural storm water drainage
  • Improve surface water quality
  • Manage soil erosion of neighbouring properties
  • Improve air quality
  • Improve public health
  • Provide nature therapy for personal wellbeing

Learn more about the Huron County Forests:

Learn more about It Takes a Forest:

Learn more about hiking opportunities in Huron County:


For more information contact:

Glen McNeil, Warden
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)