County of Huron Conducts Service Review

May 26, 2020

[Huron County, Ontario] – The County of Huron is currently reviewing its municipal services with assistance from KPMG consultants. This project will examine how the County currently provides public services and identify areas where efficiencies and improvements can be made.

The County of Huron continues to evaluate how it can better serve the public through more departmental collaborations, streamlined efforts, and improved project management. From this process, the result will be a stronger, more cohesive County that is well prepared to face future challenges.

Success from this review means finding opportunities for the County to deliver services more effectively. This project will review the following:

  • Current municipal services and delivery approaches;
  • Comparisons with similar municipalities in Ontario;
  • Public Works facilities and related winter services;
  • Organizational structure of corporate services offering front-line delivery; and
  • New opportunities or directions that improve services and reduce costs.

KPMG has recently completed the first phase of the project, which included a scan of the County’s current services through research and consultations with staff. A summary of findings was prepared in an Interim Report that presents KPMG’s observations. This report provides the foundation for identifying opportunities to improve the overall efficiency of the County’s delivered services.

Next steps in the project include an organizational review. This review will provide recommendations on where the County can better align its internal corporate services with its services provided to the public.

KPMG will present a final report to County Council in July of 2020. Agendas for future Council meetings can be found on the County’s website:


For more information contact:

Jim Ginn, Warden,
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)