Council invests in road safety while improving cycling tourism infrastructure

May 11, 2017
Safe cycling advocates mark the installation of Share the Road signage in Huron County.

From left to right: Chris Watson, Warden Jim Ginn, Mike Hausser, Denata Stanbury, Sandra Weber, Julie Sawchuk, Laura Dekroon, Steve Little, Susanna Reid, Con Melady

Huron County Council believes strongly in promoting safety on our roads and recognizes the potential of cycling tourism in our region. The Huron County Cycling Strategy is being implemented to make cycling safer and more enjoyable on Ontario’s west coast.

“The Huron County Cycling Strategy was created by a steering committee that includes stakeholders from the cycling, health, municipal, police, tourism and transportation sectors,” said Laura Dekroon, Chair of the Huron County Cycling Advisory Committee. “The strategy recommends a number of actions and an implementation plan that will make our communities more bicycle friendly within the next 5 years.”

The Share the Road signs serve as a reminder to all users of the road to share the space safely. Provincial law requires motorists to give cyclists at least a 1 metre space when passing and should change lanes whenever possible to ensure safety. In addition to the work of the Public Works Department to keep our roads safe all year long, two new infrastructure projects are being implemented this season as part of the cycling strategy.

  • A total of 60 Share the Road signs are being installed throughout the county to remind all road users to be safe.
  • Council is implementing a pilot project to pave the shoulders on County Road 31 between Saltford and Benmiller, which is a favourite route among cyclists.

“Whether you’re a motorist, a cyclist, an operator of heavy farm equipment or a driver of a horse-drawn wagon, we all need to get to our destination safely,” said Warden Jim Ginn. “By investing in this infrastructure we’re making our roads safer and increasing the appeal of Huron County as a cycling destination.”

In addition to cycling tourism assets such as the G2G Rail Trail, infrastructure that supports safe cycling will draw people to Huron County. With the new signage in place, road users in Huron County are reminded to share the road.


For more information contact:

Susan Cronin, County Clerk
519.524.8394 (ext 3257)