Celebrating Huron County Employers and Workplace Wellness

October 11, 2017

Huron County, ON – To recognize Workplace Wellness month, the Huron County Health Unit celebrates the almost 60 Huron county employers and representatives who have shown support for workplace wellness.

Workplace Wellness month, held in October, recognizes the importance of a healthy workplace and healthy employees. Last October, the Health Unit launched a website at huronworkplacewellness.ca as well as a quarterly e-newsletter. The website and newsletter cover different health topics and offer links to free resources for Huron county employers.

In the past year, almost 60 local employers and representatives have signed up for the Workplace Wellness: Making Good Business Sense in Huron newsletter. These include owners, supervisors, managers, human resources professionals and health and safety representatives.

“The local employers and representatives who have signed up for our newsletter recognize that employees are an organization’s most valued asset, so keeping them healthy is important,” says Laura O’Rourke, Senior Public Health Promoter. “By investing in well-being, local employers increase job satisfaction, staff morale, and productivity in their workplace.”

The almost 60 local employers and representatives have been invited to share a special workplace wellness badge on social media as recognition of their support for workplace wellness.

O’Rourke invites local business owners, managers, human resources professionals or health and safety representatives to join their peers in the business-boosting area of workplace wellness. Sign up for the newsletter and learn more about healthy workplaces at www.huronworkplacewellness.ca.



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Rita Marshall, Communications Coordinator
519.482.3416 (ext 2023)
Our spokesperson is Laura O'Rouke, Senior Public Health Promoter. Our media contact will connect you to our spokesperson on this topic.