Statistics Policy

Policy Statement

To establish the context within which the Huron County Library collects and employs statistics in relation to the provision of library service.


A statistic is a numerical fact or datum.

Statistics are facts or data of a numerical kind, assembled, classified and tabulated so as to present significant information about a given subject.

Responsibility for Implementation

The responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with the County Librarian, acting according to the general policy established by the Board. This authority may be delegated to other staff by the County Librarian.


1. General Principles:

1.1. Statistics will be gathered by the Huron County Library and used for a variety of purposes in addition to measuring performance. Statistics will be gathered and used to:

1.1.1. Evaluate community needs as part of an overall planning process for the library.
1.1.2. Promote the library to the community through possible inclusion in annual reports.
1.1.3. Monitor ongoing usage and identify overall trends in the provision of library service.
1.1.4. Plan for future initiatives and strategies for the delivery of library service.

2. Required Statistics:

2.1. Huron County Library will gather statistics in association with the Annual Survey of Public Libraries. According to the Public Libraries Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990, chapter P.44, annual financial and usage reports must be submitted to the Ministry in order to receive the provincial operating grant.

3. Sources of Data:

3.1. Two primary sources of data will be monitored and used by Huron County Library.

3.1.1. Records compiled by other sources, including: Statistics Canada, growth and development statistical information through the County of Huron’s Planning and Development Department, Economic Development Services, local BIAs and Chamber of Commerce groups. Statistical information will be gleaned from Social Research and Planning Councils and the local Health Unit.
3.1.2. Data compiled by the library will include: monthly circulation statistics, internet uses, program attendance and volunteer participation as well as other statistics seen as relevant for effectively monitoring use of library services.


Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P. 44

Approved September 19, 2012