Rules of Conduct Policy

Policy Statement

These rules are intended to ensure the dignity and safety of all and to maintain the security of library property without disruption to library services. Staff will apply these rules in a fair, dignified and positive manner for the benefit of all.

Responsibility for Implementation

Responsibility for the development of Rules of Conduct in the Huron County Library system lies with the County Librarian acting according to the general policy established by the Board. This authority may be delegated to other staff by the County Librarian.


  1. Threatening, abusive, discriminatory or harassing language or conduct of any kind is not allowed.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in the library.
  3. Misuse or defacement of library materials or facilities is prohibited.
  4. Disruptive or intrusive behavior is not allowed.
  5. Public access to STAFF ONLY areas is prohibited unless authorized by a member of the library staff.
  6. The Library has the right to inspect bags, carrying cases, etc., for inspection of contents upon leaving library property.
  7. Permission is required before any photographing, filming or video and/or audio recording is done on library property.
  8. Only guide animals or animals that assist people with disabilities are permitted on library property.
  9. Computer users are responsible for respecting the rights of others when accessing Internet sites in library space. Users must be aware that library computer workstations are in public areas shared by people of all ages and sensibilities. Some content is age inappropriate for children. Some content may be offensive, objectionable and/or intimidating to other Library customers and/or staff.
  10. Any behavior that does not support a welcoming environment and/or violates the Rules of Conduct may result in cost-recovery charges, suspension of library privileges or exclusion from the Library.


Ontario. Public Library Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter P.44, Section 23(4)
Ontario Human Rights Code
Ontario. Trespass to Property Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. T.21

Approved February 27, 2013