Resource Sharing Policy


This policy establishes a commitment to resource sharing partnerships.  Resource sharing through the provincial loan network is a service that supports the mission of the library.  By participating in resource sharing, the Huron County Library provides its users with access to the collections of other libraries, and makes its collections available to other libraries.


Interlibrary loan: A collaborative system by which libraries, on behalf of their users, borrow from the collections of other libraries.

SOLS: Southern Ontario Library Service. A non-scheduled agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Established in 1989, SOLS delivers programs and services to public libraries in the southern half of the province.


1. The Library will participate in resource sharing opportunities by:

1.1 Joining collaborative initiatives such as SOLS collective purchasing agreements, partnerships and consortia to cooperate with other organizations to achieve mutual goals, benefits and cost savings.

1.2 Looking for innovative, cost-effective methods of collaboration and sharing.

1.3 Using resource sharing as a supplement to, not a substitute for, the library’s collection;

1.4 Balancing borrowing and loaning to be a neutral participant (loan as many items as borrow). The Library will not request formats or materials from other libraries that are not loaned to other libraries.  To achieve balance, limits may be placed on number of items loaned or borrowed. This will be based on costs, budget, available resources and levels of provincial support. Limits won’t be placed on the basis of intellectual content or literary merit or the source of the request.

1.5 Adhering to the provincial interlibrary loan policies and participation standards;

1.6 Making its database of holdings available to the provincial interlibrary loan network within practical constraints of budget and staff resources;

1.7 Strictly observing any conditions for use of loaned materials that are imposed by a lending library;

1.8 Not charging users a fee for borrowing via interlibrary loan.

2. The Library will make available a range of materials for interlibrary loan with the following exceptions

2.1 Equipment;

2.2 Fragile, rare items;

2.3 New and high demand items;

2.4 Materials limited by licensing agreements or copyright;

2.5 Materials designated as reference;

2.6 Heavy, large and odd-sized items.

3. When offering interlibrary service to other libraries that abide by the provincial interlibrary loan policies and participation standards, the Library will:

3.1 Respond to requests in a timely manner;

3.2 Grant renewals unless the materials are needed for another user;

3.3 Not request new, high demand items;

3.4 Compensate lending libraries for loss, damage and overdue charges caused by Huron County Library patrons;

3.5 Retain the right to refuse interlibrary loan service to libraries who fail to comply with the participation and/or interlibrary loan policies.

3.6 Not knowingly request items already in the collection but temporarily in use or on reserve;

3.7 If possible, purchase materials needed to complete a series, are requested repeatedly or are less than 2 years old. Purchase formats that are not loaned through interlibrary loan.

4. Patrons with any overdue items, fees or charges will not be able to make interlibrary loan requests. A fine will be charged if patrons do not pick up their requested interlibrary loan items.

Replacement Statement

This policy replaces all previous versions and comes into effect on the date approved.


Ontario. Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.44, R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 976.

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