Meeting Space Policy


To establish the parameters for which the Huron County Library provides physical and virtual community meeting spaces for educational, cultural, civic, recreational, and charitable purposes.


1. The Huron County Library Board:

1.1 Will not knowingly permit any individual or group to use its facilities in contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada. Federal, provincial, and municipal legislation and regulations must be observed at all times.
1.2 Reserves the right to accept or refuse a reservation, or to cancel any booking at its discretion.
1.3 Will set and review rental fees.

2. The County Librarian, or designate authorizes the use of the rooms.

3. Use of a Huron County Library meeting room or library space does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of a program or points of view expressed. No advertisement or announcement implying sponsorship, co-sponsorship, or approval by the Library may be used unless written permission to do so has been previously given by the County Librarian or designate.

4. Branch staff maintain the local physical space schedule and the Programming and Engagement Librarian will maintain the schedule for the virtual spaces.

4.1 If, due to emergencies or extreme bad weather any meeting room becomes unavailable, staff will make every effort to notify scheduled users of the unavailability.

5. Room bookings for both physical and virtual spaces will be guided by the following guidelines:

5.1 Library programs and services, meetings, and events have first priority for scheduling, after which other applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
5.2 Any municipal resident, group or business, may request to schedule a meeting room.
5.3 Meetings which disturb regular library functions may not be scheduled.
5.4 A “Request for Meeting Space” form must be complete and where applicable, payment of the rental fee made to secure the booking. Information about the intended use of the room, including the names and affiliations of any speakers must be provided. Any applicable fees must be paid at the time of booking.
5.5 Space may be booked in advance, but not be booked consecutively more than 4 instances at a time, unless in partnership with the branch library.
5.6 The rental fee will be returned if the booking is cancelled by the individual, group or business 7 or more days prior to the event
Approval from the County Librarian is required at the time of booking to sell goods and services.

6. Physical and Virtual Space use will be guided by the following:

6.1 Use of the room shall be subject to the supervision of the applicable staff member.
6.2 Damages to the physical meeting space, furnishings, and equipment will be paid by the applicant.
6.3 Set up, take down, and clean-up is the responsibility of the applicant, but can be supported by the library staff if previously arranged.
6.4 Groups must vacate meeting rooms at the library 1/2 hour before the library closes unless previously arranged with library staff.
6.5 Use of materials or decorations on the walls requires prior approval.
6.6 Non-alcoholic refreshments and food may be served in the meeting space.
6.7 The maximum occupancy of the meeting space shall be obeyed.
6.8 All users will agree to hold the library blameless for any loss, damage, liability, costs, and/or expenses that may arise during, or caused in any way by such use of the library facility.
6.9 All meetings must have the sponsorship or presence of a legally responsible adult aged 18 years or older.
6.10 The Patron Code of Conduct policy must be followed and the applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the Library room at the invitation of the applicant.
6.11 Alcoholic beverages, smoking, vaping, and marijuana products are prohibited in all library facilities.

7. Some library spaces may be available to organizations outside of regular library hours in cooperation with library staff or with the local municipality.

7.1 Library space is only available beyond library hours with the prior approval of the County Librarian or designate or local municipality.
7.2 Availability of the library for programs or meetings beyond regular hours depends on the availability of staff.
7.3 The library may not be used for programs beyond 10:00 p.m.
7.4 Rental charges may apply.

Replacement Statement

This policy replaces the previous Meeting Room Policy and comes into effect on the date approved.


Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chap. P 44 Section 23 (4)

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Appendix A – Fee schedule for use of physical and virtual library spaces

Rate Rate for Non-Profit Rate for County and Community Partners
During Library Hours Booking $10/hour  No Charge  No Charge
After Library Hours Booking $40/hour**

**if a library staff person is needed and no arrangement with municipality


*requires approval

**if a library staff person is needed and no arrangement with municipality

 No Charge

*requires approval; please inform staff if a library staff person is needed, and if there is no arrangement with municipality

Cancellation If you need to cancel a booking, please let the branch know as soon as possible, so that others have the opportunity to use the room.

Cancellation fees applicable if the applicant cancels.
For after hours bookings (based on calendar days):
7 days’ notice – no charge
1-6 days – 50%
Under 24 hours – full cost

Appendix B – Meeting Space Request Form

Meeting Space Request Form

Appendix C – Virtual Meeting Space Request Form

Virtual Meeting Space Request Form


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    Meeting Space Request Form