Community Information and Displays Policy


To establish the types of information suitable for collecting, displaying and distributing in the library.

Making information available regarding community activities, local agencies and organizations available facilitates access to resources and allows the library to promote local services and events. The library encourages the display of bulletins, brochures and posters so that residents can fully participate in community activities.


Displays and exhibits include but are not limited to, print posters, digital posters, paintings and personal collections.


1. Community Information Collection

1.1 The library will collect and keep current information on the services of community agencies and organizations. This will include up to date information on:

1.1.1 Municipal services
1.1.2 Community groups
1.1.3 Educational organizations
1.1.4 Health and social service agencies
1.1.5 Recreational and cultural institutions

1.2 The library will provide easy, convenient and confidential access to information on agencies and organizations.
1.3 Library staff will be knowledgeable about community agencies and organizations and capable of referring people appropriately in a sensitive manner. Library staff will also refer individuals to other community information directories when appropriate.
1.4 Patron confidentiality will be respected at all times unless required by a court of law or legislation.

2. Community Information Displays

2.1 The library will make available space to display materials about community activities and events.
2.2 The display of material does not constitute the endorsement of any group.
2.3 Library staff will place, post and remove all materials on the bulletin boards and in the brochure racks.
2.4 Materials for display may be presented in the branch or emailed to Library Administration for centralized distribution.
2.5 Materials will be accepted on a space available basis using the following order of priorities:

2.5.1 Notices of library programs, events, activities and services
2.5.2 Notices of County programs, events, activities and services
2.5.3 Notices for the local municipality and agencies
2.5.4 Notices of cultural, educational and recreational events.

2.6 All material will become the property of Huron County Library and the library will dispose of materials as it sees fit.
2.7 The library will not display or distribute:

2.7.1 Advertising or endorsement of private or corporate businesses whose main purpose is profit. Existence of personal advertising is at the discretion of the Branch and is subject to space limitations and staff time.
2.7.2 Material so large in size as to exclude the posting of other items.
2.7.3 Material which omits essential information (date, time, place or fee).
2.7.4 Materials which would violate the Ontario Human Rights Code or other relevant legislation.
2.7.5 Political posters for individual political parties or candidates.

2.8 The library will seek to utilize technological means such as in-branch televisions and agency email lists to share information where appropriate.

3. Community Exhibits and Displays

3.1 Where appropriate space exists, the library will make available free exhibition space for artistic and historical materials.
3.2 All exhibits, whether generated by library staff or the public, will be considered based on the following:

3.2.1 Relevance to Huron County Library vision, mission and values
3.2.2 Historical or regional relevance
3.2.3 Artistic expression
3.2.4 Relation to other events or exhibits in the community
3.2.5 Appropriateness to the library environment
3.2.6 Attention of viewers and the public
3.2.7 Ease of installation
3.2.8 Availability of library space

3.3. Huron County Library has the right to refuse any work which does not fit within some or any of the above selection criteria.
3.4 Loaned exhibits will complete the Exhibit Loan Form.

Replacement Statement

This policy combines the previous Community Information Policy, Community Posters and Information Distribution Policy and the Display and Exhibit Policy. This policy replaces all previous versions and comes into effect on the date passed.


Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chap. P 44

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