Subsidized Housing

Subsidized housing, or rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance, is available for eligible households.

RGI assistance means the amount of rent you pay is determined by your income; rent amounts are based on paying approximately 30% of your gross (before taxes) monthly household income. For example, if your household members make $1500 a month combined, your basic subsidized rent might be about $500 with adjustments for utilities.

The amount of rent paid by Ontario Works/Ontario Disability Support Program recipients is determined by a scale provided by Ontario’s Ministry of Community and Social Services in accordance with the Housing Services Act, 2011.

To qualify for rent-geared-to-income assistance you must meet the following criteria:

  • You or someone in your household must be 16 years old or older and capable of living independently
  • Each member of the household must be a Canadian Citizen / Permanent Resident / or have made a claim for refugee protection under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) and no removal orders have become enforceable against any member of the household
  • You must not owe arrears for rent or damages to any social housing provider or have been found by the Rental Housing Tribunal or a court of law to have misrepresented income in relation to the receipt of rent geared-to-income assistance
  • If you own a house, you must agree to put it up for sale upon offer to lease and sell within six months

Eligibility for rent-geared-to-income assistance varies from household to household, please contact Huron County Housing Services to see if you qualify.

Please be advised that due to the scheduled elevator modernization at 85 West Street, Goderich, the elevator will be completely out of service beginning October 30, 2017 for approximately 5 – 7 weeks.  There will be no elevator usage available during this entire time period.