Huron County Social Housing Policies

Annual Subsidy

Title of Policy Policy No.
Annual Subsidy Estimates Policy 2013-35 Download

Limits of Local Standards

Title of Policy Policy No.
Conflict of Interest Policy 2013-27 Download
Leases Policy 2013-31 Download
Minimum Number Board Meetings Policy 2013-29 Download
Multi-Year Financial Plans Policy 2013-32 Download
Property Management Policy 2013-28 Download
Remuneration of Directors Policy 2013-28 Download

Occupancy Standards

Title of Policy Policy No.
Ceasing to Meet Occupancy Standards Policy 2013-07 Download
Local Occupancy Standards Policy 2013-09 Download
Maximum Absence from Unit Policy 2013-06 Download

Rent Geared to Income

Title of Policy Policy No.
Change in Rent Upon New Information Policy 2013-37 Download
Convictions Policy 2013-05 Download
Deferral of Forgiveness of RGI Rent Policy 2013-34 Download
Failure to Obtain Income Policy 2013-02 Download
Failure to Provide Information Policy 2013-01 Download
Maximum Household Assets Policy 2013-04 Download
Maximum Household Incomes Policy 2013-03 Download
Notice of Decision by Housing Providers Policy 2013-21 Download
Reimbursement of RGI Overpayment Policy 2013-22 Download
Review of Geared-to-Income Rent Policy 2013-38 Download
Selection of Already Accommodated Households Policy 2013-16 Download
Timing of Reviews Policy 2013-20 Download

Review of Decisions

Title of Policy Policy No.
System of Review of Decisions Policy 2013-33 Download

Special Needs

Title of Policy Policy No.
Refusal to Offer a Unit Policy 2013-25 Download
Removal From Wait List Policy 2013-24 Download
Review of Special Needs Eligibility Policy 2013-26 Download
Selection System Policy 2013-23 Download
Special Needs Households Policy 2013-19 Download
System of Review of Decisions Policy 2013-36 Download

Wait List

Title of Policy Policy No.
Alternative Housing Providers Policy 2013-17 Download
Forms & Documentation Policy 2013-11 Download
Refusal to Offers Policy 2013-08 Download
Refusal of Unit Offer by Housing Provider Policy 2013-18 Download
Removal from Wait List Policy 2013-12 Download
Review of Rent-Geared-to-Income Eligibility Policy 2013-14 Download
Selection of RGI Household for Vacant Units Policy 2013-15 Download
System for Selecting Waiting Households Policy 2013-10 Download
Temporary Removal from Wait List Policy 2013-13 Download