Homeownership Assistance

The Federal and Provincial governments are providing funding to make homeownership affordable for low and moderate-income renter households by providing down payment assistance in the form of a forgivable loan.

Eligible homes may be either a new build or a resale .

Funding will be provided to eligible households upon receipt of a fully executed Agreement of Purchase and Sale until all funding is depleted for the County.

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale must be current with a closing date of at minimumĀ 45 days from the date of submitting a completed application with all required supporting documentation. Please check with the Housing Programs Coordinator to determine the status of funding availability.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply early as funds are very limited.

Huron County will be responsible for establishing a permanent revolving fund for the delivery of homeownership units.

Eligible Units

  • Resale homes with the condition of a current home inspection
  • New units, including conversions from non-residential use that qualify for Tarion’s New Home Warranty
  • Units may be detached, semi-detached, town (condo and free-hold), stacked homes, row houses or apartments
  • Homes must be modest in size as determined by the Province and the County of Huron

Homeownership Assistance Levels

The Homeownership assistance will be used as a down payment on the purchase of a new home. The amount of the assistance will be up to 10% of the cost of an eligible home to a maximum amount of $35,573 and will be provided at the time of closing of the purchase and sale of the home.

No interest will be charged on the assistance. Appropriate documentation will be in place to secure the down payment assistance on title.

Maximum Purchase Price

The purchaser’s housing costs must be at or below the average market-selling price for the area and must not exceed $355,730.

Household Eligibility

To be eligible for down payment assistance under the Homeownership Program, prospective purchasers must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Household income must not exceed $85,700
  • Does not currently own a home or have an ownership interest in a home or business
  • Personal assets, of the applicants for homeownership assistance, including any gifted amounts from friends or family, savings, RRSPs, etc., must not exceed $20,000.00
  • Be a household currently renting in Huron County buying a sole and principal residence in Huron County
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Meet any additional criteria established and communicated by the County of Huron

Eligible applicants who meet all specified requirements and are qualified for mortgage at a recognized financial institution will be selected on a continuous basis until the funds are depleted.

Security Agreements

The County of Huron will register an appropriate security agreement (e.g. a mortgage) with the purchaser on title to provide a mechanism for the repayment of the down payment assistance and ten percent of the realized capital gains to the Homeownership Revolving Loan Fund, when ownership changes as a result of the sale of the house.

Conditions for Repayment by a Homeowner

The program has a 20 year affordability period. If a house that is purchased under this program is sold before the 20 year affordability period expires, the homeowner is required to repay the original contribution plus ten per cent of the realized capital gains. Contributions repaid to the County’s Homeownership Revolving Fund are to be redistributed under the Homeownership component in the County. If the home is sold after 20 years, there will not be a repayment of the contribution or capital gains to the revolving loan fund.

For Further Information:

Contact the Housing Programs Coordinator at:
Huron County Housing Services Division
77722D London Road, R.R. #5
Clinton, ON N0M 1L0
519.482.8505 ext. 4255 or 1.888.371.5718


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