Green Energy Reports

Ontario’s Green Energy Act was introduced in 2009 to help public agencies, including municipalities, to manage and reduce their energy consumption. As part of this Act, Regulation 397/11 requires the broader public sector to report their energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually beginning in 2013, and to develop and implement five-year energy conservation and demand management (CDM) plans starting July 1, 2014.

Reports are compiled using the Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission Template (the Template) prepared by the Ontario Ministry of Energy.

For more information or to provide comments and energy saving ideas please contact Barbara Hall, Manager, Housing and Property Services, Huron County Social and Property Services Department at 519.482.8505, ext. 4254 or 1.888.371.5718 (Toll Free).


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  • pdf
    Conservation & Demand Management Plan 2014-2018
  • pdf
    2014 Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report
  • pdf
    2013 Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report
  • pdf
    2012 Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report