Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


County of Huron COVID-19 Update

In Huron County, Huron Perth Public Health is leading overall response along with the Ministry of Health, and are holding regular meetings and teleconferences among health and municipal partners to ensure a coordinated response. For detailed and up-to-date information on COVID-19 and vaccine information, please visit the Huron-Perth Public Health website.

Huron County and its member municipalities have emergency plans in place to coordinate response to extraordinary situations.  All members are endeavoring to ensure that the public has access to factual up to date information.  Policies and protocols are also being reviewed to support staff and citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Assistance

What financial assistance is available to me?

The County of Huron delivers various funding programs to help individuals in need to pay for essential items.

Help with Housing

What rent assistance and housing options are available?

The County of Huron has secured Temporary Emergency Housing for Huron’s homeless population for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak to prevent community spread.

As well, the County of Huron owns and manages 415 Rent-Geared-To-Income Units throughout Huron County and can provide housing assistance to those who require it.

Business Support

What resources are available for assisting my business?

Huron County Economic Development offers business support delivered by Entrepreneur and Business Coaches to assist businesses, along with online resources providing the latest information on government updates, relief packages and business supports. Find out more here.

Long-Term Care: Huronview and Huronlea

What preventative measures are County of Huron’s Long-Term Care Homes’ Huronview and Huronlea taking?

Both Huronview and Huronlea Long-Term Care Homes are taking aggressive preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of staff and residents. These measures include service changes, increased PPE use, enhanced screening and cleaning services, isolation and testing, as well as virtual supports and care for residents. Find out more here.

A Message from the Warden

Last updated: 12.2.2020

At this time the County of Huron continues to follow the direction of Huron Perth Public Health. We encourage all Huron County residents to practice physical distancing and hygiene recommendations as a means to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. The ongoing safety and well-being of all Huron County staff and residents remains our first priority.

We, at the County, are committed to maintaining our core service delivery. We continue to provide social supports to our residents and resources to local businesses who are impacted by the pandemic outbreak. The County of Huron continues to work on a number of measures to help minimize the risk and impact of COVID-19 in our area.

To provide communication with the community, the information below is continually being updated and you can visit the News section of this website for the most recent County of Huron information related to COVID-19. You can also follow us on Facebook.

We recognize, and are grateful for, the important actions and sacrifices that all Huron County residents are making during these unprecedented times. Know that the actions you are taking to physically distance yourself will help protect the most vulnerable among us and support front line workers dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are all in this together, we will get through this together.

~County of Huron Warden, Glen McNeil

Glen McNeil

Service Delivery

Closures and Cancellations

Last updated: 9.27.2021

Huron County’s first and foremost objective is to ensure the safety of residents and staff. After careful consideration and closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, all County of Huron offices are closed to public access or offering modified service until further notice.

County service delivery will continue.

Office Closures include:

Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol offering modified service delivery.  Visit their webpage for full details.

Huron County Library branch locations offering modified service delivery.  Visit their webpage for full details.

Emergency Services Office: 401 Beech St, Clinton

Huron County Administration Offices: 1 Courthouse Square, Goderich

Huron County Economic Development Office: 57 Napier St, Goderich

Huron County Library Administrative Office: 77722B London Rd, Clinton

Huron County Planning and Development Office: 57 Napier St, Goderich

Huron County Provincial Offences Office: 1 Courthouse Square, Goderich

Huron County Social and Property Services Office: 77722B London Rd, Clinton

Office closures and modified services will remain in place until further notice.  Please note that the Ministry of Attorney General office located in the Huron County Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Square, Goderich, remains open.

Event and program cancellations and modifications include:

All in-person events hosted by the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol.

All in-person programs and events hosted by the Huron County Library

Visitor restrictions are in place at the Huronview and Huronlea Homes for the Aged.

For more information on the above cancellations, modifications, or closures, please contact the facility or department directly.

The County of Huron Maintains Service Delivery

Last updated: 9.27.2021

While all County of Huron offices are closed to public access or offering modified services until further notice, service delivery continues.  Please contact our departments by phone or email for service related information.

The County of Huron is committed to maintaining essential services while protecting the health of staff and the public.

First and foremost, County health care professionals and support staff that serve residents of our long term care homes are prioritizing daily activities to best meet the needs of our residents. This includes reviewing and altering all protocols as-needed to protect staff and the public from COVID-19 transmission. The Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care implemented enhanced measures to protect the safety of residents in long-term care homes.

Huron County’s Paramedic Services continues to delivers emergency pre-hospital medical care to all residents and visitors of Huron County for life-threatening medical emergencies and transportation of sick or injured patients.

Members of the public will continue to see Public Works staff maintaining County roads, bridges, and culverts in a variety of ways.  Cutting the grass, grading the shoulders, cutting trees, inspecting culverts, sweeping sand off the roadways and picking up roadside garbage are activities needed to keep primary transportation routes safe and clean.  In addition, this ensures the County of Huron maintains sufficient operating levels when responding to other needs, such as slippery roads, drainage issues, potholes, and various hazards that occur on roadways on a regular basis.  Protocols for each activity are reviewed and altered to ensure that staff maintain physical distancing practices. The County is following the advice of Health Care professionals for disinfection of equipment, tools, and in workspaces.

A substantial amount of management and administrative staff are working at home through secure online technologies, which minimizes the number of staff within offices. The Property Services department has increased cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting measures throughout Huron County facilities.

On March 23, 2020, Huron County Council held a Special Council Meeting to alter Council Procedures, enabling Official Council Meetings to be held through video conference technologies. This enables Council to continue serving their constituents and member municipalities, as communities collectively work through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Actions Being Taken to Prevent and Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Last updated: 9.27.2021

Relying on advice from experts in risk management and loss prevention, Huron County is committed to doing its part to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Staff continue to monitor the status of the virus and will provide updates as necessary. In addition, the County of Huron’s emergency management practices are in place.

Actions to date include:

Ongoing consultations with Huron Perth Public Health and other partner agencies.

Closure of facilities to public access or modified service availability.

Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol offering modified service delivery.  Visit their webpage for full details.

Huron County Library branch locations offering modified service delivery.  Visit their webpage for full details.

Cancellation of all in-person recreational events and programs.

Visitor restrictions at Huronview and Huronlea Homes for the Aged.

Increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been adopted for high touch surfaces at all facilities.

Where possible, County of Huron staff are practicing physical distancing by using remote work spaces, conducting virtual meetings and holding teleconferences. Service delivery continues.

The public is encouraged to contact County departments by phone or by email or utilize online resources.

Other Resources

Huron County encourages physical distancing, as recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Please contact the County via phone, email or online.

For detailed and up-to-date information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the Huron-Perth Public Health website.

For More Information

Be sure to read credible information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), including:

Ministry of Health
Public Health Agency of Canada – Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Outbreak Update
Public Health Agency of Canada – Travel Health Notices
Ministry of Long-Term Care
South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)
Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance

Services for Victims of Violence during COVID-19

The County of Huron recognizes that the safety of women and children in their own homes is a serious concern during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Is it important that everyone in the community knows that services to support victims of violence are open for business.  While the physical buildings may be closed, local agencies are continuing to provide services and supports. Please ensure that you continue to make referrals or call these agencies for support.  For ease, Huron Domestic Assault Review Team (Huron DART) has developed a list of local agencies that are available to support people experiencing or who have experienced violence. That resource can be found here.

For more information on the Huron Domestic Assault Review Team (Huron DART), please visit their website.


Community Services

Find programs and services in your community through 211 Ontario.

211 connects people to the right information and services, strengthen Canada’s health and human services, and helps Canadians become more engaged with their communities.