Ready to Re-Open Huron

Ready to Re-Open Huron: Participating Businesses

In an effort to help both businesses and the general public connect to the most current information and to provide consumer confidence, the County of Huron has launched the Ready to Re-Open Huron recognition program available at no cost to all businesses within Huron County.

How does a business get recognized as Ready to Re-Open Huron?

To be recognized under Ready to Re-Open Huron, a business must self-commit to:

  1. Participate in/view the Ready to Re-Open Huron online training webinar with subject matter experts;
  2. Become familiar with the guidance offered Ready to Re-Open Huron Toolkit;
  3. Become familiar with the guidance offered in documents specific to my sector available on and elsewhere;
  4. Based on the sector guidance reviewed, take all reasonable steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and all other communicable diseases in their business;
  5. Monitor other resources to ensure that the steps taken are up-to-date and consistent with the most recent guidelines/recommendations available;
  6. Respond to concerns and criticisms regarding the safety measures put in place that may be raised by employees and customers/clients in a timely and respectful manner.
Ready to ReOpen Logo
How does the public know a business is recognized under Ready to Re-Open Huron?

After successfully completing the Ready to Re-Open Huron program, businesses will:

  • Display a Ready to Re-Open Huron window decal and pledge poster in their storefront windows;
  • Be identified with a Ready to Re-Open Huron icon on the HC BizMap;
  • Be featured in local marketing campaign in print and on social media;
  • Have access to the Ready to Re-Open Huron logo to use on their websites and other promotional materials.

Participating Businesses

  • Ready to Re-Open Huron is not a certification or inspection program.
  • Neither the county nor its program partners can guarantee any level of safety or adherence to guidelines at participating businesses.
  • The aim of the program is to connect consumers to businesses that have self-committed to implementing best practices for their industry as the economy re-opens.

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