Summer Company Success Stories

Summer Company: Helping Local Youth Launch New Start-Ups

Each summer, Huron County Economic Development supports the launch of up to 5 new business start-ups by local youth, aged 15-29. Below are some success stories of local entrepreneurs who started their businesses with the help of the Summer Company program.

The Whistling Woodworker

Josiah Peterson

A hobby has turned into a successful, international business for Josiah Petersen, owner of Whistling Woodworker, who began woodworking when he was only nine years old.  After connecting with the Huron County Summer Company program, Petersen was able to start his business and make money doing something that he already loved and was skilled at.

Brody's Builds

Brody Nesbitt

A thoughtful mother’s day gift idea has turned into a flourishing business for Brody Nesbitt, owner of Brody’s Builds. Nesbitt notes that a key moment in his entrepreneurial journey was his acceptance with the Huron County Summer Company program, which provides business grants and mentoring for students looking to open a summer business.

Blake Street Bakery

Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack opened the Blake Street Bakery on her grandparent’s suggestion and it was an immediate success.  Working out of her own home, Pollack bakes cookies, cupcakes, bagels, pies and scones that are so delicious she has regular customers driving in from long distances for her treats.

Open Heart Studio

Open Heart Studio

Anna Lang

Anna Lang, owner of Open Heart Studio, launched her business in July 2021 with an online store selling fully customized bucket hats for adults and children. Each hat is handcrafted and sewn by Lang based on the customer’s style, preferences and size with materials sourced from Canadian retailers.

Huron County Horse Trailers

Huron County Horse Trailers

Claire Mitchell

Huron County Horse Trailers is owned and operated by 18-year-old Claire Mitchell and is located outside of Walton. Claire purchases and restores pre-loved horse trailers and refurbishes them for resale, making horse transportation safe and affordable for members of the local equestrian community.

Ontario’s West Coast Honey

Ontario’s West Coast Honey

Neil Haas

After connecting with a local beekeeper who took Neil Haas under his wing, offering mentoring and teaching him what he needed to learn to become an effective beekeeper, Neil launched Ontario’s West Coast Honey, a small-scale apiary selling fresh, local honey in the Goderich and Clinton area.

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