Sell Remotely Using Facebook

1. Business Page Post


  • Navigate to your business page & click ‘create post’
  • Add a high-quality image price, details & delivery info, then click ‘post’
  • Monitor Post analytics


2. Facebook Shop


  • Create a ‘shop’ tab on your business page.
  • Add products or collections (add as many as you want).
  • Add high-quality images, price & details. Click ‘save’.
  • Verify your identity so you can manage your revenues.

3. Facebook Marketplace


  • Go to Marketplace & click ‘sell’, then select a category.
  • Add a high-quality image, then title, price, & details.
  • Click next & ‘Marketplace’ & then click ‘publish’.
  • Respond quickly & mark items as ‘sold’.
NOTE: Please adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards & Commerce Policies

Engaging Content

Facebook’s new algorithm favours posts & pages that are engaging. Be engaging by:

  • Posting regularly
  • Posting quality content
  • Being friendly & conversational
  • Responding to comments & messages
  • Use analytics to track performance

Facebook Ads

Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Facebook ads look like regular posts but can be highly targeted to reach those who are most likely to buy your product or service
  • easy to create & run campaigns
  • Easy to track ad performance

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