Huron County has come to be known internationally as Ontario’s West Coast. The lakeshore and countryside of the County offers a diverse tourism experience that appeals to a broad demographic. These experiences clearly match current travel trends, as visitors seek: access to natural settings, clean water for recreation, year round activities, safe and friendly communities and diverse heritage and cultural pastimes.

Huron County’s countryside is a patchwork quilt of rich farmland, charming communities that boast broad main streets, tree-lined side streets and well-preserved Victorian-era commercial and domestic architecture. With a coastline that stretches 110 km the County offers a shoreline experience for visitors with public beaches and marinas. Outstanding theatre, museums, attractions and events and recreational pursuits, combine with a broad range of accommodations, shopping and dining options to draw visitors to Huron County every year.

Tourism businesses, attractions and events are strategically promoted through County marketing programs. Targeted marketing into the London, Kitchener-Waterloo and Golden Horseshoe continues to produce greater numbers and more diverse visitors each year. Coordinated County wide marketing and strategic partnerships ensure that marketing efforts provide for a greater return on investment.

Find your place here in Huron County’s tourism industry and you’ll discover the appeal that keeps our visitors coming back time and again: a diversity of getaway locations that appeal to active couples and families with children of all ages who are looking for year-round pastimes and pleasures. Huron County is ready to welcome a new tourism enterprise today!

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