Specialty Agricultural Products

Huron County Economic Development wants to help producers diversify their offerings, mitigate risk, and capture exciting new market opportunities. That’s why we’ve been conducting research on specialty agricultural products well suited to our climate, soil, and convenient location in Southern Ontario.

We’re proud to make available to the public five fully-featured business cases, which should give entrepreneurs the tools they need to develop business plans in any one of our specialty product areas. The business cases are available for download below. Please contact the Department for further details.


Ontario’s livestock industry faces a shortage of processing capacity. This negatively impacts the entire value chain, imposing new costs at every stage – from farm, all the way to your dinner table. We believe there is a clear opportunity for an enterprising individual to establish a new, small-scale abattoir specializing in custom butchery right here in Huron County. Double-click on this box to learn more.


Ontario’s hazelnut industry is in its infancy. This exciting tree nut crop opportunity represents an opportunity to tap into a fast-growing global market, with many applications – from confectionery to fresh market consumption. Double-click on this box to learn more.


Regulatory restrictions around CBD oil are rapidly liberalizing in many countries, including Canada. With global legal demand for CBD oil forecast to grow at nearly 40% each year through 2027, the opportunity for hemp growers to connect with a lucrative supply chain has never been better. Double-click on this box to learn more.

Maple Syrup

One of Huron County’s oldest and best established industries is also one of its most promising. Global demand for alternative sweeteners is strong, and Canadian maple syrup is sought after in export markets (to say nothing of local dinner tables!) Do you have a stand of maple trees on your property? It could be an untapped resource! Double-click on this box to learn more.


Huron County is home to several popular wineries, and is becoming recognized as producer of exciting white and red wines. The sector has plenty of room for growth, and we believe an enterprising individual could successfully grow grapes for fresh consumption, sale to other wineries, or in the context of a new estate winery. Double-click on this box to learn more.

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