Huron County is one of the most agriculturally productive parts of Ontario. It enjoys a long history of successful agricultural development, and is a leader in the production of soybeans, corn, and hogs. Huron County is also emerging as a hub for the production of niche crops for specialty markets, and is home to a rapidly growing cluster of wineries and breweries. Robust “network” dynamics are also emerging, with many area restaurants integrating local producers into their supply chains.

With some of the best farmland in Canada, strong conventional livestock and cash crop operations, as well as orchards, greenhouses, and nurseries, agricultural entrepreneurs will find a place to grow in Huron County. Huron County Economic Development can connect your agri-business with networking organizations and events, crop specialty advisors, equipment sales and maintenance, financial services, and more.

Specialty Products

Huron County Economic Development wants to help producers diversify their offerings, mitigate risk, and capture exciting new market opportunities. That’s why we’ve been conducting research on specialty agricultural products well suited to our climate, soil, and convenient location in Southwestern Ontario.

We’re proud to make available to the public five fully-featured business cases, which should give entrepreneurs the tools they need to develop business plans in any one of our specialty product areas.

Jugs of maple syrup

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Huron County’s AgPrize 2021

Did you miss out on your chance to submit during the AgPrize 2020 competition? Watch this space for your chance in 2021!

Do you love finding innovative solutions to the world’s problems? Are you passionate about agriculture, technology, or food science?

If so, we want to see your solutions to some of the agri-food industry’s key operational problems! These are real-world problems that require creative, outside-the-box solutions. The strongest submissions are eligible for a cash prize.


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