Key Sectors

Our Key Sectors


With some of the best farmland in Canada, strong livestock and cash crop operations – as well as orchards, greenhouses and nurseries – agricultural entrepreneurs will find a place to grow in Huron County.


Welcoming countryside and coastline communities, time and room to pursue recreation, arts and cultural passions proves to be a winning mix for our creative industry entrepreneurs.


Manufacturing in Huron County is an integral and robust pillar of the economy. From aircraft refinishing to  metal fabrication to ice sculpture manufacturing – the diversity of our manufacturers remains a major strength.


Huron County’s retail and service sector covers a market that contains a population of approximately 60,000 people and is one of the largest employers in the area utilizing an estimated 20% of the workforce.


Known as Ontario’s West Coast, Huron County offers a diverse tourism experience from the vast and rich countryside to 110 km of coastline that continues to appeal to a broad demographic.