Growing Success Project RFP


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Request for Proposal: Growing Success Project
Deadline: 4:00PM (-5 UTC) December 14, 2017

1. Topic

The following Request for Proposal opportunity is about: organizational effectiveness & efficiency review of services related to economic development, business retention and growth for the County of Huron.

2. Summary

The objective of the project is to identify opportunities to further enhance economic development within the county and to create a more positive business environment at both the County and Lower Tier (Partner) Municipality level.

The County of Huron invites consultants to submit proposals to conduct a review and to identify changes that would improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of local government service providers related to economic development. The goal is to create a blueprint for the best-in-class delivery structure for the next 5 years.

3. Contact Information

Any additional information and questions must be directed to:

Cody Joudry, A/Director of Economic Development
Huron County Economic Development
(519) 440-2385,

4. Proposal Submission Requirements

Deadline for proposal submission is 4:00PM (-5 UTC) on December 14, 2017. Only electronic submissions submitted to the contact above will be considered. If potential applicants desire a different submission mission you are asked to contact the person noted above and accommodations will be provided.

Only submissions sent in the following manner and format will be accepted:

  • Submitted via email to
    ○ It is the responsibility of the applicants to confirm delivery of submission.
  • Subject line of the email must read exactly as follows: Growing Success RFP Submission
  • Only information contained within the body of the email, in attached JPEG format or in PDF format will be considered;
  • Links to external information will not be considered.
5. Introduction and Background

The County of Huron is located on the shores of Lake Huron in one of the Province of Ontario’s prime agricultural areas. As a result, Huron County offers an excellent quality of life with convenient access to urban amenities, while also retaining the characteristics of a vibrant and flourishing rural community. At present, the County is served by nine municipalities and one county-wide administration for a total of 10 separate and distinct governmental agencies. With a population of approximately 60,000 and a combined Upper Tier / Partner Tier governmental budget of $199 million (2016) (including intergovernmental transfers and all forms of municipal revenue).

Huron County, like many other Ontario communities, is facing a changing economic environment impacted by both local and global economic forces. Both the role and influence of municipalities and citizen expectations for quality service and effective governance are on the rise. It is important to analyze whether historical practices and the resulting delivery structure creates the optimal environment for business expansion and new investment.

It is recommended applicants review the study conducted by the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) called “Reducing Business Burdens: Great Ideas from Five Innovative Ontario Municipalities”.

6. Project Management Team

The Consultant will carry out the review under the direction of the Huron County A/Director of Economic Development in collaboration with:

Huron County Economic Development Board

  • Vice-Chair John Marshall and
  • Board Member Maureen Nummelin.

In addition to Huron County staff members:

  • Chief Administrative Officer, Meighan Wark, and
  • Director of Planning, Sandra Weber.

This group will:

  • Provide contact information for organizations and individuals;
  • Review proposals and select the consultant using the evaluation criteria in the RFP;
  • Provide strategic direction to the Consultant;
  • Receive reports and recommendations from the Consultant;
  • Review recommendations and provide feedback on a final draft report; and
  • Provide the final report to the Huron County Economic Development Board.
7. Project Scope

The County of Huron invites consultants to submit proposals to conduct a review and to identify changes that would improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of local government service providers related to economic development.

The following areas are specifically out of scope:

  • Emergency Services,
  • Homes for the Aged,
  • Health Unit,
  • GIS Services,
  • Library,
  • Ontario Works,
  • Children’s Services,
  • Social Services,
  • Public Health Services,
  • Cultural Services,
  • General Administrative Services,
  • Provincial Offenses,
  • County Forest Management,
  • Policing Services, and
  • Fire Services.
8. Key Project Deliverables

While completing the review of the County and partner Municipality service delivery functions impacting the growth and expansion of existing and new businesses in Huron County, the Consultant will:

  • Review and comment on documents used to support and enable economic development, as well as undertake primary and secondary research of best practices in order to comment on: Official Plans, cross border servicing agreements between municipalities, infrastructure sustainability and availability agreements, upper and partner tier shared processes / authorities;
  • Create a valid and reliable ranking that indicates how Huron County and its partner municipalities’ economic development service delivery processes compare to other jurisdictions of similar size and scale regarding stakeholder satisfaction and service delivery;
  • For service functions directly and indirectly impacting economic development, identify gaps and provide recommendations on optimal organizational structure(s) and processes. Considerations should also be given to factors that are aligned to the desired organizational outcomes such as: customer service orientation, service speed, innovation. Outline benefits and challenges relating to implementing optimal structure(s) including issues such as: duplication of service, division of labour, span of control, chain of command, authority, responsibility, delegation and accountability, decision-making processes, turn around and cycle times;
  • Report on findings and make prioritized recommendations and best practices including an identification of legislative constraints;
  • As applicable, create a roadmap and timetable for change, including key performance metrics to monitor, which will assist the County and partner municipalities in becoming more operationally effective and efficient, customer-focused as well as aligning organizational capacity to ongoing strategic economic development priorities;
  • Present to the County of Huron Council in digital and hard copy format;
  • Identify (at a macro level) any other service delivery and governance factors impacting overall county-wide system effectiveness for possible additional review in subsequent research.
9. Timelines and Reporting Requirements

The following are the timeline and reporting required for this project:

  • It is expected once the successful applicant is selected the project will start immediately, but no later than March 31, 2018;
  • The Consultant shall be responsible for providing a monthly status report to the Project Management Team;
  • The Project Management Team is anticipating a final report submitted by June 8, 2018.
  • The Consultant will be required on its final report submission to provide three bound hard copies of the report and one digital copy of the final report.

Submissions unable to meet the timelines must clearly identify their proposed timeline, reporting commitments, and reasons why the proposed timeline cannot be met.

10. Project Budget

Council approved a total budget of $60,000 for this project. Proposals should include details on the items that can be delivered within the scope with an associated budget that outlines the number of days required for tasks contained in the methodology, per diem rates, and all other costs associated with the proposal.

The budget should also include costs for travel and other direct expenses associated with the project. All direct expenses are to be billed at actual costs.

Consultants are encouraged (but not required) to provide a detail of value added services that can be provided at an additional cost including the cost and rationale for undertaking them. This is to be a separate section.

11. Submission Requirements

Proposal submissions should include as a minimum the following:

  1. Description of the qualifications of the firm in relation to this project and why your organization would be well-suited to provide the required services;
  2. Identification of members to be assigned to this project including their role and summary of the team member’s knowledge and experience with similar projects;
  3. Identification of any parties in a joint venture and all sub-consultants and their knowledge and experience;
  4. Proposed project schedule;
  5. Work plan outlining approach to be used, including identifying tasks required to be undertaken by Municipal staff;
  6. Methodology used should generally conform to the deliverables requested;
    • 6.1 However, the consultant is encouraged to include description of the proposed services or steps to enhance the quality of the project.  These should be submitted under “Additional Services” if any are identified;
  7. Include a detailed cost estimate for each component of the contract including the work plan and key project deliverables outlined above.
    • 7.1 The proposal will include a table showing the per diem rates for all staff, contractors and sub-contractors. The overall contract costs for both professional fees and expenses shall not exceed the upset limit, not including HST;
  8. Name and contact information of three references for similar projects that have been undertaken in the past.  References will be contacted by the Project Management Team;
  9. Make full disclosure of any existing business or personal relationship or any real, apparent or perceived conflicts of interest presently in place with the County of Huron.  Failure to disclose such an interest may result in termination of cancellation of any agreement that may have been entered into.
12. General Conditions and Requirements

The County of Huron reserves the right to:

  1. Reject any or all proposals;
  2. Suspend or cancel the RFP at any time for any reason without penalty;
  3. Not necessarily accept the lowest cost proposal;
  4. Accept any proposal that it may consider being in the best interest of the County of Huron;
  5. Waive formality, informality or technicality in negotiating a satisfactory proposal;
  6. All proposal submissions will be evaluated using the evaluation criteria contained in this RFP and the project will be awarded to the firm judged to provide the best overall value;
  7. All firms responding to the RFP will be notified regarding the awarding of the project;
  8. The successful firm will be required to enter into a formal agreement/contract with the County of Huron;
  9. The successful firm will be required to acknowledge and adhere to any County policies or bylaws and abide by all Provincial and Federal regulations, acts or legislation requirements;
  10. The successful firm will be required to provide appropriate insurance coverage at time of contract execution;
  11. By submitting a proposal, the consultant agrees to public disclosure of its contents subject to the provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 relating to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy;
  12. All expenses incurred in the preparation and presentation of the response to the RFP is entirely the responsibility of the Consultants;
  13. Upon award of the contract, all of the deliverables/design work provided by the consultant for the project will become the intellectual property of the County of Huron;
  14. The Consultant warrants that they are not in financial arrears with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and that all of their employees are fully covered under the terms of the Act and will provide the County with a current Certificate of Coverage during any time in the execution or performance of the resulting contract;
  15. The Consultant shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the County of Huron, all of its officers, agents and employees from and against all claims, actions, suits, demands, proceedings costs, damages and liabilities, arising out of, connected with, or resulting from any acts or omissions of the Consultant or any agent, employee, subcontractor, or supplier of contractor in the execution or performance of the resulting contract.
13. Evaluation

The following is an overview of the evaluation criteria for submissions responding to this RFP:

Quality of the proposal 40%

  • Meets project objectives
  • Identifies any issues or challenges
  • Suitable method and approach to the problem

Experience and Qualifications 20%

  • Subject matter expertise of firm / team
  • Related project experience of firm / team
  • Expertise of key personnel to work directly with the County
  • Defined roles and responsibilities of each team member

Work Plan 15%

  • Quality of project work plan and timeline
  • Quality of deliverables
  • Early completion date of project

Price 25%

  • A minimum of 60 out of 75 percentage points is required from the above criteria for the proposal to be considered for pricing
14. Schedule

The approximate RFP schedule for this project is as follows:

  • November 22, 2017 – Date of Posting
  • December 14, 2017 – Deadline for submission of proposal
  • December 21, 2017 – Proposed award of contract
  • January 19, 2018 – Draft outline of work plan
  • June 8, 2018 or sooner – Draft Final report


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    Growing Success RFP - Due Dec 14, 2017