Frequently Asked Questions

Child Care Fee Subsidy

What is child care fee subsidy?

Families living in the County of Huron may qualify to have all or part of their child care paid by the County of Huron, when child care is provided by a licensed child care centre or an approved home child care provider. Eligibility is determined by guidelines in the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Do you have to be a working parent to receive fee subsidy?

Parents/caregivers need to be involved in a work or school activity, or other approved activity, to receive financial assistance with the cost of child care.

What is the income cut-off to qualify?

Families with an annual net income under $20,000.00 may be financially eligible for full subsidy. Families with a net income over $20,000.00 may be eligible for partial subsidy. Use the fee subsidy calculator to see if you qualify.

Are my RRSP’s and RESP’s considered when I apply?

Financial eligibility for child care subsidy is based on income only. Assets, debt and living expenses are not considered in the application process.

How do I apply?

Face-to-face applications are completed at the Jacob Memorial Building located behind Huronview, just south of Clinton. At that time, families need to bring all required financial verification.

Growing Together Early Learning Program

What is Growing Together Early Learning Program?

Growing Together Early Learning is a team of Early Learning Resource Consultants who provide support to families and child care programs so that children can reach their full potential.  Service co-ordination, screening of children’s development, and otherwise assist families to set goals for their child with special needs.

Is there a cost for the service?

No, there is no cost for this service; it is publicly funded through the Ministry of Education.

How do I access, or refer a child to the service?

A growing-together-referral-form (PDF) is available, or you may contact the program at 519.482.8505. Completed forms can be faxed to 519.482.5710.

Where will you see my child?

An Early Learning Resource Consultant is available to see your child in a variety of locations including a licensed child care program, EarlyON Child and Family Centres, or an approved home child care location.

Huron County Community Home Child Care

How do I find out who the Providers are in my community?

Information on approved Home Child Care Providers is available by calling Huron County Children Services at 519.482.8505. We will record your name, address and phone number as well as your child care needs; referrals to approved homes in your requested community will then be provided.

Do I have a choice of homes?

You will receive information on all available homes; you must then arrange individual interviews or meetings with each provider independently to determine your preference. Providers can accept or decline any family that is referred to them.

How do I register?

After selecting a home, you must complete the home child care registration package, including mandatory immunization records, parents’ contact information, health information, consents and alternate pick up persons. Registration forms must be submitted to the Huron County Community Home Child Care office prior to starting at the provider’s home.

Who do I pay?

All parent fees are collected by Huron County Children’s Service Department. Families can apply for Child Care Subsidy to determine if they are eligible for subsidy. Monthly statements are completed by mail. Fee payment policies are available upon request.

Why should I choose an “approved” home?

The number of children in a home often influences the quality of care. Approved homes agree to regulate the maximum number of children they care for in their home, including their own children younger than six. Providers complete daily learning activities with your children, monthly fire drills, document meals and snacks as well as providing mandatory outdoor time.

How do “approved” homes differ from a private home childcare provider?

Approved homes are monitored by the licensing agency and Ontario’s Ministry of Education. Approved homes must meet health and safety standards, and are visited at least once a month. An approved home must follow strict guidelines on the maximum number of children they can care for, including the number of children under 2 years of age.  Parents may choose unlicensed child care arrangements for their children that may include care by relatives, nannies or unlicensed home child care providers.  All unlicensed home child care providers must meet minimum standards according to the Child Care and Early Years Act.  Unlicensed providers can care for a maximum of five children 0 – 12 years with a maximum of two children under the age of 2 years.  They must count their own children under the age of 6 years in these numbers.  Unlicensed home child care providers must inform parents in writing that they are unlicensed and must also provide receipts for payments.

How can I contact you?

Our office is located in the Jacob Memorial Building, 77722D London Road, RR 5, Clinton, Ontario. You can contact us at 519.482.5710 or 1.888.371.5718, or email at

Ontario EarlyON

What are the EarlyON Child & Family Centres?

EarlyON Child and Family Centres provide free opportunities for parents/caregivers and children from birth to 6 years of age to participate in play and inquiry-based programs, supporting parents and caregivers in their roles. These centres offer safe and welcoming environments open to all families across Ontario, with qualified professionals and quality programs. Families and caregivers will be able to find support, advice, make personal connections and access a network of resources.

Which program is best for my child?

The EarlyON Child & Family Centre offers many different programs for children from birth up to age six. The program name suggests a target age for games and activities, but all programs are adjusted to suit the age of the children in the group.

Do I have to register ahead of time for programs?

No. Registration is not required for EarlyON early learning playgroups. Some of our formal parent-workshops do require registration so we can accommodate for childcare and give our guest speakers approximate numbers. Whenever pre-registration is required, it will be clearly noted with the workshop details.

What EarlyON programs are going on in my community?

Ontario EarlyON monthly calendars are posted online for each outreach-community. You can also call toll free 1.888.371.5718 and one of our staff will advise you about the programming provided in your community.  You can also follow us on Facebook at Huron EarlyON.