CaRRS - Classification and Records Retention System

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Schedule titles may include one or more of the following icons to help identify its classification.

Welcome to CaRRS, the County's on-line schedule for the classification and retention of its corporate records based on The Ontario Municipal Records Management System (TOMRMS). This online records retention schedule has been approved by the County's Auditor and Solicitor and it is the authoritative schedule.

The County of Huron is obligated to allow for the right of access to information in its custody and control while protecting an identifiable individual's personal information.

CaRRS is a system designed to help achieve economy and efficiency in the creation, maintenance, retrieval, storage and disposition of corporate records, regardless of medium(a) type.

To browse the online schedule click on the primary subject names or expand them by clicking on the symbol.

You can search for text within a classification by entering text in the search box and clicking the Search button.  The search term must be at least 4 characters long to return results.

CaRRS: Our vehicle to success on the information highway.