N07-01 • Premise Inspections and Enforcement
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Class Code01
SubjectPremise Inspections and Enforcement
Scope NotesThis record series contains information related to premise inspections and documentation related to complaints / service requests on food safety, safe water, health hazards, and infectious diseases. Includes all records related to inspection of food service settings, long term care facilities, retirement homes, day care centres, hospitals, detention centres, personal services settings, funeral homes, pools, spas, septic systems, cold chain inspections, boil water advisories, and complaints or service requests (for example an inspection).

Outbreak Client Records - see N01.
Responsible DeptHealth Unit (HU)
Keep DeptE + 7
Keep Offsite 
Total RetentionE + 7
1) For Cold Chain Inspections, where Public Health Nurses are responsible for these inspections, there is variation in retention periods among some health units, ranging from E + 3 to E + 10. 2) For Boil Water Advisories, the recommended retention is E + 7 (see Remarks / Citations). 3) For Complaints / Service Requests, there is a variation in retention periods among some health units, ranging from E + 6 to E + 15.
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N07-01 · Premise Inspections and Enforcement