A24 • Access Control and Passwords
Records of this class code are not subject to Archival Selection.Records of this class code do not contain Personably Identifiable Information.Records of this class code are not required to conduct business operations (BCP).

Class Code24
SubjectAccess Control and Passwords
Scope NotesIncludes records related to the management of and access to programs. May also include records regarding individual access, password management, security logging, audit results and actions, mitigation strategies, etc.

Physical Security - see B05.
Responsible DeptBusiness Technology Solutions (BTS)
Originating (CoH)
Keep DeptS + 5
Keep Offsite 
Total RetentionS + 5
Citations39, 515, 516
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There are 3 citation(s) associated with this class code.
Citation NumberFileLaw Entry CodeFederal Citations and FileLaw Title WordsRetention Requirement or Limitation Period
39FFD-Fn.Ad.-25Financial Administration Act, R. S. C. 1985, c. F-11, ss. 161.(1),(2),(3); as am. S. C. 2004, c. 12, s. 20

Protection of Computer Systems
Event = Retain only data essential to identify, isolate or prevent harm to computer system
515OC-El.Cm.-1Electronic Commerce Act, 2000, S. O. 2000, c. 17, ss. 8, 12

Electronic Information/Documents
Event = Requirement to retain document originally in written form satisfied by retention of electronic document under circumstances below with exceptions noted
516OLA-El. Rg.-1Electronic Registration Act (Ministry of Consumer and Business Services Statutes), 1991 , S. O. 1991, c. 44, ss. 4.(2),(6)

Electronic Documents
Event = May be filed if recorded on EDP system that is capable of being read

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