A01 • Associations and Organizations
Records of this class code are not subject to Archival Selection.This record contains identifiable personal information.Records of this class code are not required to conduct business operations (BCP).

Class Code01
SubjectAssociations and Organizations
Scope NotesIncludes correspondence, minutes, agenda, notices and reports regarding organizations and associations to which staff members belong or with which they communicate in the course of their duties such as Drayton & Community Citizens Association, AMCTO, MISA, Ontario Farm Drainage Association, etc. Where possible, these records should be filed by their subject, not the originator or recipient of the report and/or correspondence.

Membership Fees - see F01
Responsible DeptOriginating (CoH)
Keep DeptC + 1
Keep Offsite 
Total RetentionC + 1
Business Need
Extended Scope NotesHuron County Mutual Fire Aid Association (HCMFAA) and FirePro2 Information.
Lower Maitland Stewardship Group (LMSG). 
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