L07 • Land Acquisition and Sale
Records of this Class Code are subject to Archival selection.Records of this class code do not contain Personably Identifiable Information.Records of this class code are required to conduct business operations (BCP).

Class Code07
SubjectLand Acquisition and Sale
Scope NotesIncludes records regarding real estate transactions and conveyance of land such as lot sales, lane closings and allowances whether through voluntary transactions or expropriation. Includes deeds and expropriation plans, purchase letters and appraisals.

• Leases – see L53.
Responsible DeptAdministration CAO (AC)
Keep DeptE
Keep Offsite  + 10
Total RetentionE + 10
E = Property disposition.
Citations30, g054, g055, g056, g068
Extended Scope NotesMay also include records regarding the sale of surplus municipal land. 
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There are 5 citation(s) associated with this class code.
Citation NumberFileLaw Entry CodeFederal Citations and FileLaw Title WordsRetention Requirement or Limitation Period
30PartLVIII 5800. (1) (a) PartLVIII 5800. (1) (a)Revenue Canada, Information Circular 78-10R2, as am., Information Circular 78-10R2SR paragraphs 16-20. February 10, 1995. Updated IC78-10R3, October 5, 1998. Revenue Canada, Information Circular 78-10R3, October 5, 1998 Books and Records Retention/Destruction For BoD minutes, shareholder’s meetings, stock records, general ledger, special contracts Vouchers and accounts necessary to verify the information in such records and books of account of a dissolved corporation General ledger or other book of final entry of a business other than a corporation as well as any special contract necessary to an understanding of the entries in the general ledger 30. Under the Act, books, records, and their related accounts and source documents, other than those referred to in paragraphs 31 and 32 I.C. 78-10R3 below, have to be kept for a minimum of six years from the end of the last tax year to which they relate. 31. The prescribed retention periods for certain books, records, and their related accounts and source documents are specified in Regulation 5800 (see Appendix). The required retention periods can be summarized as follows: ·          For a corporation, two years from the date of the dissolution of the corporation (in the case of corporations that amalgamate or merge, books and records have to be retained on the basis that the corporation is a continuation of each amalgamating corporation). 32. Books of account and records may be destroyed at an earlier time than outlined elsewhere in this circular if the Minister gives written permission for their disposal. 2 years dissolution 2 years dissolution 6 years after the business ceased
g054FHR-CHR-3 Human Rights Offence Prosecutions Limitation Period

FHR-CHR-6 Complaints Limitation Period

OLA-Hm.Rg-3 Applications regarding Contravened Settlements Limitation Period

OLA-Hm.Rg-4 Designations of Special Programs Limitation Period

OPM-An.Rc.-2 Public Sector

Anti-Racism Information
Human Rights 5 years

OLA-Hm.Rg-2 Complaints Limitation Period
Canadian Human Rights Act, R.S.C., 1985, c. H-6, s. 60(5)

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Event + 1 year (Event = Subject matter of proceedings arose)

1 year; or longer as Commission considers appropriate

Event + 6 months (Event = contravention or last of contravention in series)

Event + 5 years (Event = day issued or earlier as may be specified by Commission)

Event = Retain for period specified in applicable data standards
Or, if no such specified period:
Event + 1 year (Event = Day last used by organization)

Event + 1 year (Event = incident to which application relates or last incident in series)
g055OF-In.Tx.-4 Directors Liability for Income Tax Limitation Period

OF-In.Tx.-2 Income Tax Accounting Records and Books of Account [Incorporation of Federal Tax Act

OF-In.Tx.-1 Provincial Offence Tax Prosecutions Limitation Period
Income Tax Act, R. S. O. 1990, c. I.2, s. 38.(4); as am. S. O. 2004, c. 16, s. 3.

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Event + 2 years (Event = director last ceased to be a director of that corporation.)

Event + 6 years (Event = End of last taxation year to which records relate; at persons place of business or residence in Ontario; unless exceptions apply)

Event + 8 years (Event = Day subject matter of information/ complaint arose)
g056OBF-Insu.-2 Statutory Conditions Automobile Insurance Regulation

OBF-Insu.-4 Fire Insurance Claims Limitation Period
Statutory Conditions Automobile Insurance Regulation, under the Insurance Act, O. R. 777/93, Schedule, s. 9.(4).
Auto Insurance Proceedings Statutory Conditions Limitation Period

Insurance Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. I.8, s. 148(2), Stat. Cond. 14.
Automobile or Contents:
Event + 1 year (Event = loss)
And: Persons and Other Property
Event + 2 years (Event = cause of action arose)

Event + 1 year (Event = Loss or damage occurs)
g068OMUN-Muni01-10 Municipality Appeal Information

OMUN-Muni01-33 Land Tax Repeals Applications Limitation Period

OMUN-Muni01-35 Actions for Repayment of Rebate Overpayments Limitation Period
Municipal Act, 2001, S. O. 2001, c. 25, s. 222.(6)

Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 25, ss. 358.(1), (3)(4), (6) to (8), (10), (13), (15)

Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 25, s. 364.(23)
Keep to provide on request to Board

Event + 2 years (Event = Application filed between March 1 and December 31 of year)

Event + 2 years (Event = Application made)

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