L06 • Insurance Policies
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Class Code06
SubjectInsurance Policies
Scope NotesIncludes County insurance policy documents, such as vehicle, liability, theft, and fire insurance.

• Employee Group Insurance see – H02.
• Third Party Contract – see L04.
Responsible DeptAdministration CAO (AC)
Treasury (Tr)
Keep DeptE + 2
Keep Offsite  + 13
Total RetentionE + 15
E = Expiry of policy.
Citations263, g013, g065, g082, g084
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There are 5 citation(s) associated with this class code.
Citation NumberFileLaw Entry CodeFederal Citations and FileLaw Title WordsRetention Requirement or Limitation Period
263OBF-Insu.-3 Insurance Act, R. S. O. 1990, c. I.8, ss. 281.(1),(5); as am. S.O. 1996, c. 21, s. 37; ss. 281.1.(1),(2). Auto Insurance No-Fault Benefits – Limitation PeriodEvent + 2 years (Event = insurer’s refusal to pay the benefit claimed) (See exceptions under s. 281.1.(2))
g013OLA-Arbi.-1 Arbitration Enforcements Limitation PeriodArbitration Act, 1991, S. O. 1991, c. 17, s. 52.(3)Later of:
December 31, 2018
Event + 10 years (Event = Day award received or: application determined; as applicable)
g065OSS-LTCH-42 Licensees Staff RecordsGeneral Regulation, under the LongTerm Care Homes Act, 2007, O. Reg. 79/10, ss. 234 to 236Event + 7 years (Event = Staff member ceases working or being employed at home)
g082OENV-Wt.Rs.-30 Records of Site Conditions Orders Against Municipalities Limitation Period

OENV-Wt.Rs.-38 Facility Owner Logs and Recordkeeping Mechanisms

OENV-Wt.Rs.-39 Facility Owner Operations and Maintenance Manuals
Ontario Water Resources Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.40, ss. 89.7(3), (4); as am. S.O. 2006, c. 19, Sched. K, s. 3(3)

Licensing of Sewage Works Operators Regulation, under the Ontario Water Resources Act, O. R. 129/04, s. 19

Licensing of Sewage Works Operators Regulation, under the Ontario Water Resources Act, O. Reg. 129/04, s. 20
Event + 5 years (Event = Earlier of: Day municipality became owner of property or: day ceases to be owner)

2 years

2 Years
g084Ontario Works Policy DirectivesOntario Works Policy Directives # 11.1 Delivery StandardsE+5 years (E = applies to an applicant or recipient's case file in total and the documentation contained in the case file.

Ongoing fraud retain indefinitely

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