H02 • Benefits
Records of this class code are not subject to Archival Selection.Records of this class code do not contain Personably Identifiable Information.Records of this class code are not required to conduct business operations (BCP).

Class Code02
Scope NotesIncludes brochures, rates, quotes, correspondence and explanatory documents regarding benefits offered to County employees such as dental plans and group insurance.

Payroll Records see F16.
Pension Records see H10.
Responsible DeptHuman Resources (HR)
Keep DeptS + 1
Keep Offsite  + 5
Total RetentionS + 6
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There are 1 citation(s) associated with this class code.
Citation NumberFileLaw Entry CodeFederal Citations and FileLaw Title WordsRetention Requirement or Limitation Period
g071OMUN-MFIPP-1 —Personal Information Retained by Institutions

OMUN-MFIPP-58 — Extended Requests — Limitation Period
General Regulation, under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.R.O. 1990, R. 823, s. 5; as am. O. Reg. 124/15, s. 1

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R. S. O. 1990, c. M. 56, ss. 17.(3) to (5); as en. S. O. 2006, c. 34, Sched. C, s. 14.(2)
Event + 1 year Event = Use or period set out in by–law or resolution made by institution. . .or on consent

2 years

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H02 · Benefits