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Below is a guide to some of the assessors' short forms you will encounter in the assessment rolls. The items in the first column, "Short Form", are the short forms as they appear in this online version of the assessment rolls, the items in the second column, "Meaning", are the probable meanings of the short forms, and the items in the last column, "May Have Appeared As" show possible configurations of the short forms with certain parts superscripted that might have appeared in the original document (As was described in the Transcription Notes section, any superscript formatting appearing in the original document was not transmitted to this online version due to time restrictions).

Short Form Meaning May Have Appeared As
Aler Alexander Aler
Alex Alexander
Alex.r Alexander Alex.r
Alexd Alexander Alexd
Alexr Alexander Alexr
Alexr. Alexander Alexr.
Alic Alexander
Alxr Alexander Alxr
Andrw Andrew Andrw
Andw Andrew Andw
Archd Archibald Archd
Aw Andrew Aw
Bart.w Bartholomew Bart.w
Bartw Bartholomew Bartw
Capt Captain Capt
Christr Christopher Christr
Co. Company Co.
Colo Colonel Colo
Danl. Daniel Danl.
Dav David
Dd. David [?] Dd.
Dn Donald [?] or Daniel [?] Dn
Dond. Donald Dond.
Dr Doctor Dr
Edw Edward Edw
Edwd Edward Edwd
Edwd. Edward Edwd.
Esq Esquire
Esq. Esquire
Esqr Esquire Esqr
Fras. Francis [?]
Fredk. Frederick Fredk.
Geo George
Geo. George
Jam James
Jams. James Jams.
Jas James
Jas. James
Jn. John Jn.
Josep Joseph
jr junior jr
Jr Junior Jr
Jun Junior
Junr Junior Junr
Lawce Lawrence Lawce
Lt Lieutenant Lt
M. P. P. Member of Provincial Parliament
Mic Michael
Mich Michael
Michl Michael Michl
Nathl Nathaniel Nathl
Nichs Nicholas Nichs
Pete Peter Pete
Rev Reverend
Rev. Reverend
Rev.d Reverend Rev.d
Revd Reverend Revd
Revnd. Reverend Revnd. or Revnd.
Richd Richard Richd
Robt Robert Robt
Robt. Robert Robt.
Rodk. Roderick Rodk.
Rt. Robert Rt.
Saml Samuel Saml
Saml. Samuel Saml.
Segnr. Senior
Sen Senior
Senr Senior Senr
sr senior sr
Sr Senior Sr
Tho Thomas
Tho.s Thomas Tho.s
Thoma Thomas Thoma
Thos Thomas Thos
Thos. Thomas Thos.
Willm William Willm
Wm William Wm
Wm. William Wm.

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